Automatically Fill Registration Forms With Google Chrome

21 December 2010 By Varun

Filling a web registration form is one of the biggest irritant I face while using certain services on the net. Well there are softwares for this purpose but if you want something free then you could use this method which is purely browser based. Google Chrome now provides an option where you can store information like name, full address, company name, phone number, fax, email id, and credit card information (You can skip certain information, if you don’t want Chrome to store it).

Guide to enable auto fill feature in Chrome:

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click on “tools” (wrench icon available next to the address bar).
  • Click “Options”. chrome-tools-options
  • Go to Personal Stuff tab.
  • Click “Auto Fill Options”.
  • Check “Enable AutoFill to fill out web forms in a single click”.


  • Click on “Add Address…”, fill out the required information and click “Save”.
  • Click on “Add Credit Card…” and fill out the required information and click “Save”.


Video demo:

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