PS3 permanent hack

Recent developments in the PS3 hacking scene has come with a real surprise, hackers at fail0verflow are claiming that they have figured out the “Private Key” used for code authorization that allows for application installation on PS3 systems which means they now have full PS3 system access at the highest level and as this is kind of a master key, the exploit is permanent.

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steam deals this week

As always, Steam is running a week long promotions of gaming deals these holidays, the deals includes various PC games and bundles with special prices that last only for 24 hours. So if you are looking for some really great PC games at a fraction of their original pricing now is the time to take action.

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Facebook is a vast platform to connect with friends and family and to share a lot of things among them. It provides a simple browser based chat box supporting basic chat features only. One major feature that facebook chat lacks is saving of chat history. Well, if you want to improve facebook chat experience FacebookDiscovery is a nice application and is worth  a try.

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Many people like to use separate emails for business and private purpose. Several desktop notification tools available today only provides notifications for single email accounts. If you wish to use two email accounts and get notifications simultaneously, You’ve Got Mail is a handy notifier to give a try.

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Hardware companies always try to take advantage of hit Sci-Fi movies by designing products like they came out right from that particular movie, and we all know that Tron Legacy is the latest sensation among movie buffs and geeks. Razor, along with Disney has designed a gaming Mouse and Mat combo which are inspired from Tron. Continue Reading →


It’s been three weeks when we first got the glimpse of Gran Turismo 5’s official wheel. At that time it was just a teaser on ThrustMaster’s website which of course, did not revealed any details about T500RS.  Now the company has released the racing wheel for the Gran Turismo enthusiasts with a price tag of $599.99. Continue Reading →

Are you finding it difficult to keep running your laptop for long hours on battery power? There are many processes in windows that takes up enough resources in Windows and hence need more CPU power which in turn consumes more battery.

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With every new release of windows we come across bunch of new and useful features. The interface has become great in Windows 7 but still it lacks some basic features like the pause/resume feature in Windows copy operation. Continue Reading →


Koush from XDA forums has revealed the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread rooting method and it is quite simple, if you have recently bought Nexus S then you can use this method to root your Nexus S for Super User Permissions.

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There are times when we may want to access files and applications that we do not trust. In situations like this having a good Anti-Virus gives a lot of relief in identifying and removing those viruses and malware from our system. Continue Reading →

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