Norton Internet Security 2011 Review

25 November 2010 By Shashank

Norton Internet Security 2011 is the latest computer security solution released by Symantec which features various improvements over the previous version to deliver a surprisingly fast software that is fully capable of protecting your computer from the latest viruses and spywares. NIS 2011 also allows you to track browser and P2P activities for threats without hitting on your system resources.


NIS 2011 install

Installation was trouble free and quick, after inserting the disk it took less than a minute to install on our system and as we had installed it on our Windows 7, it also automatically created a nifty Norton Widget which displays the condition of the system.

NIS 2011 Windows 7 widget


Norton Internet Security 2011 pic

NIS 2011 has a fast loading interface which feels great, you will be able to find all the options for configuring the suite easily and effortlessly. You can enable and disable most of the security features in a single click. It also shows a ticker of threats with locations on a world map.

System Scanning

There are options for Quick Scan and Full System Scan. Quick option scans only the commonly infected areas on C: drive, it took only 30 seconds for a quick scan on the half filled 244 GB C: partition whereas a full system scan took around 2 hours for a 2 TB hard drive (75% fill). When starting a full system scan it also provides option to run the scanning process at a low priority so that whatever you are doing on your computer doesn’t get affected in any way. However you can always use high priority for faster full system scan.


The home screen of the NIS 2011 is divided into three parts:

Computer Protection – It provides options for scanning and updating virus definitions and includes Antivirus, Antispyware, SONAR and Norton Insight protection.

Network Protection – It provides options for network monitoring and detection, you can also find out which of your installed programs are vulnerable. Network Security Map option displays the security status of your Wi-Fi and LAN home networks.

Web Protection – It protects users from malicious websites by blocking them, it also has a useful feature named Identity Safe on which you can store your passwords, addresses and other details for automatic form filling at trusted websites. It also has a option for parental controls for which you have to download a separate application using your Norton account.

Resource Usage

NIS 2011 was surprisingly fast for a full internet security suite, startup of NIS 2011 was quick and lag free. Most importantly it doesn’t let you feel that it is hitting on the performance of the system.

Norton Internet Security 2011 Price – Rs 1,534 (MRP)

Pros and Cons


  • Fast and light weight
  • Full protection from threats of all kinds
  • Low on system resources
  • Single click feature control


  • None Ratings


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