Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta For Android Gets A Major Overhaul

9 November 2010 By Varun


Mozilla Firefox is a widely used browser for desktop computers. However, the mobile version is still under development, recently they have progressed to the Beta 2, this latest version of Firefox for mobile has been able to reduce the install size by 60% on Android among other bug fixes and  looks far more complete.

It has a small footprint as it takes up only 17MB of disk space while previous version uses 43MB. Moreover, it is whole lot faster than many other mobile browsers out there, and uses lesser memory. In addition to this Firefox 4 Beta also uses lesser battery, providing more juice for other tasks. Also, a lot of bugs which previously plagued Firefox Beta 1 have now been fixed.

In  future Mozilla is looking forward to include hardware acceleration for scrolling and zooming, along with HTML5 video support. Currently Firefox 4 Beta is available for Android (2.0 or later) and Maemo, which means it can be used on your Nokia N900 as well.

Download Firefox 4 Beta For Android

This new improved browser surely deserves a try, and you can download it from Mozilla’s official website.

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