Giveaway Contest: Win Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 All-in-One

1 November 2010 By Shashank


We’re excited to announce the Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 contest, by participating in which you stand a chance to win this ultra modern fun filled desktop. Lenovo B500 is the same All-in-One desktop that we reviewed earlier, it comes with all the bells and whistles needed for a complete desktop experience, be it work, gaming or movies. The contest is sponsored by Lenovo and the prize will be shipped to the winner directly by Lenovo. Read on to participate in the giveaway.

Contest Prize: Brand New Lenovo B500 All-in-One

B500 Specifications

  • Intel C2D E7500 2.93GHz
  • 23” Full HD 16:9 Widescreen Display
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M 1GB Graphics Card
  • 640 GB Hard Drive
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • DVD Reader/Writer Combo Drive
  • Integrated JBL Speakers
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth
  • Card Reader
  • Read our Lenovo B500 Review to know more about it.

To enter the Lenovo B500 Giveaway Contest just complete the 3 simple steps given below:

Step 1: Tweet about the contest on Twitter:

“I want to win an awesome Lenovo B500 All-in-one PC. Do you? #LenovoTechlivezContest”

Step 2: Answer this question in the comment section below this post:

Tell us why you deserve Lenovo B500? Write your answer in 1 line/160 characters, whichever is smaller.

Step 3: Mention your Twitter Handle in comments – We need to identify who you are 🙂

Note: Use valid email ID in comments, as the winner will be contacted only via email.

Contest Schedule

Contest starts today and will run till November 12, 2010 (24:00 IST)

One Lucky winner will be declared on November 15, 2010

Contest Terms and Conditions

This giveaway is for the Indian residents only. The Winner will be chosen by lucky draw using the service and all decision made by Techlivez and Lenovo will be final, no correspondence in this regard will be entertained whatsoever. Employees and their families of Lenovo and Techlivez are not eligible to participate in the above giveaway. The winner will be contacted via email and  he/she will have to respond in 48 hours otherwise another winner will be chosen. Users having duplicate entries using different email/twitter IDs will be banned from this and all the future contests. Lenovo reserves the right to substitute the prize with another prize of equal or greater value should the B500 becomes unavailable.

Contest Results

Lucky Winner is Sureshkumar from Bangalore

Twitter handle

Congratulations. You will soon be notified via email.

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Hardware, Miscellaneous 84 comments


All-in-1 pc with hardcore config, a true s/w engg.’s dream.

Alekh Khanna says:

Because I’m awesome ! 😀

F@tm@n from IVG | Twitter – alekhkhanna

Parth says:

I am a gaming freak and i deserve a better gaming PC , and this looks sleek man!!

Twitter – parth6347

Rakesh G.M.S says:

It is the most suited computer for all my needs and it is certainly the coolest looking computer yet.

Twitter – @rakeshgms

Joy Bose says:

Because its made for me. 😛

Joy from IVG , Twitter – JoyBose1

Qadir says:

A Perfect PC for Gaming,something which i was looking for a long time

Twitter – abdulqadir6

MT says:

Its not me who deserves it, but my mother so that she can enter twitter contests herself the next time rather than me doing so on her behalf.
Twitter handle: markettantrik

sameeragrawal says:

I like the config of this pc,its a begginer gamer pc,
and ya lenovo is one of my favourite brand in desktop n laptops.

Rasmeet S says:

I Deserve to win it because it’s one hell of a beast and a hardcore gamer in me wants every piece of it.

Twitter handle – @Rashroxx


kittoo says:

Cause not only I need a PC,I need ideas too as I am dumb..and what better to get ideas on then Ideacentre?

Twitter- kittoo4202004

Sureshkumar says:

Count me in for the giveaway

I’m looking for a name brand product.I’ve no idea why I deserve this product

Twitter ID: techpings

Jake says:

The reason I deserve the Lenovo 500 is because it is the All in one desktop that suits every member in my family ,what else do you need ?

Twitter – Jakesaldanha23

Deepak says:

Twitter handle:dee7735

I’ve never had a PC that could be an entertainment powerhouse ! Its all work and no play presently.

Kaustubh Shinde says:

because cars are my passion and this will help me play the best racing games in the market!

Twitter Handle: PetrolHead4Ever

Ellen says:

I deserve the Lenovo B500 because it would do everything I would want a computer to do- it would run without crashing like mine currently does!

Telanis says:

I deserve the Lenovo because I am a poor college student who wants to make the world a better place. @Telanis_

Umesh Kadam says:

I deserve the Lenovo B500 because it has the awesome-est combo of minimal deskspace footprint and great hardware!


Kartik says:

I have always loved the Lenovo brand. I really desire this, my current desktop is very bad and I wont upgrade any time soon.

Twitter handle – Goopy21.

susan smoaks says:

i would love to win lenovo because i love techonology

Saad says:

I deserve it as this Ideacentre will be the CENTRE (Lenovo ideaCENTRE) and launch PAD (Lenovo ideaPAD) for my creative IDEA’s!!
Twitter ID: saadulde45

Sagar Shah says:

I deserve the Lenovo B500 Becoz It’s My Dream Desktop PC Which i Ever Wanted to buy ! But the Condition is I Like to buy it With My Own Earnings From My First Salary So that My Father Feel Proud about their SUN ! Thanks

Best Regards
Sagar Shah

Sagar Shah says:

Twitter ID : Offersadda

Jasbir Singh says:

I have used lenovo for nearly 2 years. It is great.

Twitter handle – jasbirynr

I want Lenovo B500 because it is the combination of awesome sleek looks and powerful hardware which makes it the ultimate entertainment machine.

Twitter Handle : @pcsbox

Vijay Chak says:

Lenevo has its best brand for Gamers. Better it shuts off my old p4 system and enjoy the new one.

Twitter – @vijayrc

shilpa says:

twitter handle: @20shilpa

i spend most of the time infront of fed up of mine..want new one…thatz it.

naj says:

i deserve to win coz i want a new pc ASAP
twitter @icoolnaj

Gaurav says:

dad needs an upgrade from his P4 which I can’t afford!

(you said 1 line / 160 – whichever smaller, hence the short answer)

@grajasekar on twitter. Yes, Gaurav from IVG. 😀

Good luck everyone!

Pravin Kumar says:

I want lenovo B500 because It is wonderful and powerful system that user can use it in every field like gaming,etc.

Pravin Kumar says:

I love the Lenovo B500 because it is vey powerful and looking very exciting.It can do everything.

Gayatri says:

This PC will be useful in doing my project.
Twitter- bgaya3

vinay says:

it’s one hell of a PC..

Lenovo B500 rocks…………

Udit says:

I would love to win Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 because my PC is almost 5 years old and i can’t afford a new one to play games and do work faster!

Twitter Handle: udit247

Ajai Govind G says:

It will give me a reason to choose Lenovo products in future.

Twitter Handle: ajaigovindg

naitik says:

i want this because im in love with is so compact yet so powerfull.
twitter handle : naitik.shukla

nikhil says:

I want to gte Lenovo ideacenter B500 because it give me an full oppurtunity to store all my videos and play games and allow a fun living life.

Twitter handel: nik5986

vishal says:

it has 23’hd display,powerful RAM,2.93GHz(fast),good graphics card,compact & wireless, good aesthetics .
Twitter – @sagevishal

Anand Natarajan says:

I deserve Lenovo B500! because I’m truly amazed by the work of Original

Twitter:!/anandnat (or) @anandnat

Alex Fernandes says:

Lenovo’s IdeaCenter B500 is a game effort at a 3D-capable Windows all-in-one.Its really amazing then apple imac

rajvansh says:

its pricious for me nd i diserve it nd i want it

Animesh Patra says:

Cause i don’t believe in something like magic…

prayas says:

this machine is blood and i m a vimpire…this machine is for the hackerss.(fully loded and compact)

prayas says:

this machine is blood and i m a vimpire…this machine is for the hackerss.(fully loded and compact)

twitter handle :


I want the Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 because my computer is now almost 10 years old & right when I was thinking about upgrading I came across this great opportunity to WIN this great machine.What an IDEA sirjee 😀

Twitter Handle: marcusfenix117

yramu says:

wonderful products are made for wonderful persons.
As I am one among them, this belongs to me only

venkat59 says:

twitter – @ napa_v

all in one brand new pc… perfectly suits for students..

suman says:

twitter handle – @ venkata_suman

my pc is very old not running even new version basic softwares as well as old configuration as no longer needed today’s requirements… so if i won this, it will be great useful for me..

ComputerAndMe says:

Wow, I want to win that Lenovo too! Unfortunately, I am not an Indian resident. 🙁

Dharmin Kansara says:

Grab latest configuration of hardware PC, so wanna to play games in this sleek design.

Twitter handle: dharmink

malli says:

as my son joined in btech this year in CSE.. it helps him very much for carrer…

twitter: RAOSUMA

Karthik Ramanan says:

Sexy look & Awesome performance

Twitter Handle: @karthikramanan

Bam Amor says:

I deserve the Lenovo B500 because I dont have a desktop pc. And this is a really sweet all in one Pc
Twitter handle @bamor


I need to replace my desktop. and I want a com potable workstation for computing

karthik says:

twitter: karthik_napa

i need this pc very much.. bcoz i m in 2nd year mca.. it is very helpul for my project..

kasu says:

my pc is very old .. so i need a new one with latest configuration..

twitter : kasukumar

Mandi conder says:

Hi, my name is Mandi, I am a full time college student going for my Bachelors in Business as well as a full time mom of a toddler, so there isn’t really time for a job in there for me to slake my thirst for up to date technology, and I’m a big tech nerd, so my gaming habit is poorly supported by whatever I can get my hands on or build from spare parts. It would be awesome for me to be able to get this because I’d be able to integrate not only my schoolwork and gaming habits but also be able have something to channel my art into. I’m not positive how long these comments are supposed to be but I guess I should end it here, thanks for taking the time to read this.
My Twitter is VirilSyn.

kondalrao says:

As it has latest configuration as good stylish design one needs to deserve it… as i need it to have a good practice for my all lab programs and useful for job..

twitter : kondalrao000

vinay says:

I deserve Lenovo B500! because I’m truly amazed by the work of Original brand.!/vinci_blr

Charan says:

I want to win this because i know the value of that configuration as i am a computer geek.!/chsstar

Rishabh Arora says:

I deserve to win because I will go on to create award winning animation films with it.

twitter : Raartiste!/Raartiste

Steve Rozario says:

With such a configuration and a sleek and stylish design on an AIO PC, anyone would want to grab it and that would include me who was planning to buy one, but this would give me the greatest opportunity of Achieving one.

Twitter Handle: vsr333

koolguy says:

twitter handle: koolguy_11

i wanna need it, as im in doing enginnering i cse i’m truly deserve it for my career…

mca says:

its a fantastic pc which it was a dream to buy, but i’m not in a position to buy such a pc and thus i need it… will u give me this…..

twitter: vsuman59

nvs11 says:

twitter: nvs11

my pc is very old but i m not unable to install new os windows 7, think how old configuration i m having…

so i need a brand new pc…

urnapa says:

twitter: napamalli

I deserve the Lenovo B500 because I dont have a desktop pc, it has such a sleek and stylish design

itsme says:

twitter: urs_suman

Anyone would want to grab it and that would include me who was planning to buy one, but this would give me the greatest opportunity of Achieving one.

humorshoes says:

so lastly who got this desktop?

TEJAS says:

is a all-in-one desktop that brings complete home entertainment features in an elegant compact package, it sports an angular design with machine cut speaker grills that are inspired from the Halo, the machine itself has a small footprint that allows for space saving and at the same time provides ample power for your computing and entertainment needs. We recently got our hands on the machine, lets have a look at the review results after the break.
i want it as i am i complete fan of it u can ask me any questions i would give you 100% correct answers.

Yusuf says:

Giveaway, “Lenovo” is my dream come true to have for my essential time.

@tweetmeyusuf : Yusuf

SeenaMithra says:

I believe I deserve this B500 as I miss my ideapad which was stolen from my hostel,it would be great help to my father and 2 sisters;in his work & our studeis

twitter id: seenamith

Sekhar S says:

I wish i win this B500 because I’m a struggling start-up entrepreneur/student and this system will cater to all family’s needs and will help me supporting them.

user: sekhar88

Midori says:

I’d love a Lenovo PC!!

Twitter – Magomusume

Gargi S says:

I wud love to win this beast coz, it has got all it takes to be the best gaming/movie Pc. And it would be a great help to my work.

My twitter username is: gaamu89

Shashank says:

Contest Closed.

Comments after this will not be counted towards the contest.

nikhil says:

did any1 win? Plz publish the twitter handle here.

nikhil says:

hey,there are people with comments over 160charactrs and more than 1 line. Even without proper twitter handles too. Will they be counted? When is the price declaration?

Shashank says:

post updated with the Winning Twitter Handle.

Congratulations to the lucky winner.

Gargi says:

congrats suresh.

Gargi says:

congrats suresh and best of luck. That PC is one super computer.

Dharmil Motani says:

I deserve Lenovo B500 because it would be my first PC ever and it would be my first hand at PC gaming.

Twitter: @dharmilstar

nikhil says:

guys, the contest was excellent. Unfortunately I was a bit late to know about it and I missed. My bad. The site is cool and I have subscribed to the feeds. I know its a bit out of context but can you guys(including the people who have participated) share some competitions/sites like this. I have never won any contests and don’t find many over the net. Even if I find any,most of them are either for U.S or U.K citizens only. So please help me in finding any. On a side note, the site is extra cool and geeky. Subscribing was worth it. Please update frequently. Expecting more contests. Love Nikhil

Sureshkumar says:

Just received awesome Lenovo B500.

Here are the pics

Thank you Shashank and Techlivez Team

humorlook says:

good luck, congratulation

kevin says:

love all in 1 model ,desktop is good for SOHO

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