Acer recently announced HS244HQ, a full HD monitor with 3D support, featuring the latest HDMI 3D connectivity. HS244HQ is a 23.6” monitor with display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels @ 120Hz. The monitor comes with a pair of active 3D shutter glasses, ensuring a bright 3D view for you. HS244HQ can also be used as a 3DTV when connected with a set top box. Continue Reading →

Norton Internet Security 2011 is the latest computer security solution released by Symantec which features various improvements over the previous version to deliver a surprisingly fast software that is fully capable of protecting your computer from the latest viruses and spywares. NIS 2011 also allows you to track browser and P2P activities for threats without hitting on your system resources.

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Intex has recently announced the all new Projector phone V.Show IN8810 for the Indian market, the handset sports attractive features like touchscreen, dual SIM, dual camera and an in-built projector that is capable of projecting the mobile content on a screen up-to 61 inches and is powered by a high capacity battery that allows for 3 hours of projection time, which is enough to enjoy media content including films.

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Dell-XCD35-android mobile Dell XCD28 android mobile

PC Maker Dell has entered the attractive Indian smartphone market by announcing two new Android based full touchscreen devices named as Dell XCD28 and Dell XCD35. Both these smartphones are powered by Android 2.1 OS and are quite aggressively priced. Read on for the full specifications and price details.

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Splitting large files into smaller parts is a task that we may need to perform at times. Splitting files helps if you have a large file at your disposal and want to create small parts of it for portability. File Splitter and Joiner helps in doing this task easily. Continue Reading →

Google’s mobile operating system Android has taken the world by storm and is still growing at a very fast pace, now every single day Google is registering more than 200,000 Android Mobile Devices with thousands of new applications being submitted to the Android Market daily all over the world. Today we will discuss free Android apps that we consider are a must have for your Android device.

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Mozilla Firefox is a widely used browser for desktop computers. However, the mobile version is still under development, recently they have progressed to the Beta 2, this latest version of Firefox for mobile has been able to reduce the install size by 60% on Android among other bug fixes and  looks far more complete. Continue Reading →


For quite some time now, AMD has been developing a new generation of graphic card named as HD6970. It is said to be based on Cayman architecture, no further information was available about the card, but recently Fudzilla reported that they have got their hands on the specs of this upcoming beast. Continue Reading →


We’re excited to announce the Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 contest, by participating in which you stand a chance to win this ultra modern fun filled desktop. Lenovo B500 is the same All-in-One desktop that we reviewed earlier, it comes with all the bells and whistles needed for a complete desktop experience, be it work, gaming or movies. The contest is sponsored by Lenovo and the prize will be shipped to the winner directly by Lenovo. Read on to participate in the giveaway.

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