Team Fortress 2 Gets New Halloween Updates, Live Till November 8

28 October 2010 By Varun


Just like last year, Valve has again updated its online multiplayer Team Fortress 2 for Halloween. This time around, Valve has added 2 new maps named Spooky Mann Manor and Mountain Lab, while former is a scary map, latter is just a regular TF2 map with no scary things. Some new achievements have also been included.

In addition to these, Valve has added new “Halloween inspired” items in their Mann Co. Store. Not only this, if you missed out on the achievements of last year’s Halloween update then Valve is all set to give you the second chance to accomplish them.

The best thing added this year is the first boss monster of TF2. This monster is Horseless Headless Horsemann which guards Mann’s manor. The beast is capable of killing in one hit, and if you are good at melee fight then you could possibly unlock new achievements, but remember these updates will work only till November 8.

Happy Halloween.

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