How To Convert Files To .sis Files

16 October 2010 By Varun

After reading our guide to download Ovi Store files to PC many users were faced problems while installing or .dm file on their mobiles. So, here is a simple and effective method which will convert a file into a easily installable .sis file.


First of all you will need Notepad++ for this method, which you can download from here. Now, simply open the desired file with Notepad++. You will notice that first four lines are in readable text format, while the rest of the lines are gibberish, delete these “readable” lines (including spaces), but not “z” which is present at the start of the 5th line. Now go to the bottom of the page and delete the last line, which will read something like this “–boundary-1—“.

Save this file with .sis extension, send  to your phone and go through the installation process.

P.S. I tried this method on Nokia 5230, along with Nokia Maps & FingerPrint Scanner.

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shah says:

thanxxxxx it worked gr8 job

Bharat says:

Thanks man.. this works

Saurabh says:

Thanx. It really works…..

Can you tell me how to convert files????

Sameer says:

thats gr8
It really workssss…..

hilde says:

I can not delete anything

KALYAN says:

No man it never worked for c6.00 mobiles, although we rename them as sis files, they consider them as dm files only, kindly help me with some other way

Ashutosh says:

Thnx Man
Gr8 help

Akshay Kakkar says:

Hey for firefox users
One more soln : in the firefox downloads window (during or aftr download), right click on the application & click “copy download link”.. now in the address bar paste the link & find in the link. remove .dm & then you can download it again in .sis format!

9jacrunk says:

@Akshay Kakkar, thanks!!!!!!!!! It worked perfectly.


mis archivos son .jad son iguales a los .sis dm?
los descargeé de ovi store

steve says:

thanx for the advise but this method did not seem to work on my nokia n8 could you please offer more advise on this thanx

Marc says:

@STEVE hey follow Akshay Kakkar’s advice…. hope he helped…

steve says:

yeah Marc i got it working cheers next trick is to see if i can load iphone apps on too nokia n8

aditya says:

file corrupte

9099 says:

How do I “send it to my phone” ?

Varun says:

“Send to phone” means sending the app’s download link to your phone, and not the actual app. But there’s way of downloading free Ovi Store apps on your PC. Go to this link for detailed tutorial

asdf says:

worked. nokia n95 8gb v30.0.015,

mangatram says:

thanks after two days i get your suggustion and i like its and use this is sucessful in my n8

Akash says:

Thanks it is working….

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