Leaked Specs Of Nintendo 3DS

22 September 2010 By Varun

Nintendo 3DS have been in the news for quite a while now. This handheld gaming console will bring glassless 3D to the portable gaming world which in itself is a feat considering the handhelds, check out how games will look like on the 3DS. Now the specs of this anxiously awaited gaming console has been leaked into the wild.Leaked specs of Nintendo 3DS

  • Two 266MHz ARM11 Processor
  • One 133MHz GPU
  • 4MB VRAM
  • 64MB RAM
  • 1.5GB flash store
  • SD card slot

Well, these specs looks great, especially dual processors which would be good enough to provide that 3D aura. Now, lets just hope that Nintendo releases it soon, because i can’t wait to have that glassless 3D experience. Can you?

Source: IGN


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