Change UAC Settings in Windows 7 from System Tray

12 August 2010 By Sourojit

UAC or User Account Control in Windows 7 monitors and protects you from installing harmful software on your system that may corrupt Windows system. But sometimes UAC becomes a bit irritating with the installation of each and every application. Many users disable UAC completely to get rid of warning messages every time which may not be safe. UAC Controller Tool helps in situations like this.

UAC Controller Tool is a freeware and portable application for Windows 7 that stays in system tray and allows you to change UAC settings easily. It allows you to select between predefined UAC settings such as:

  • Turn UAC off – Turns of UAC, needs system restart to take effect.
  • Enable elevation without prompt for Administrators- UAC is enabled but annoying prompts are disabled for Administrators.
  • Switch to default UAC settings- Restores default UAC settings.
  • Switch UAC to user friendly mode- Turns off UAC for Windows and Microsoft applications.
  • Keep UAC on

Being a portable application it is easy to carry on any system and is specially helpful to beginners hesitating to turn off UAC completely.

Download: UAC Controller Tool

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