Track Conversations Between two Twitter Users

10 August 2010 By Sourojit

Twitter is well known for the quick information it provides. With a lot of users sharing interesting  things and timelines getting bombarded with tweets, tracking Twitter conversations between two Twitter users is not an easy task, here a tracking service named Between comes to rescue, it makes this job super simple.

Between is a free and useful web service that allows you to easily find out and track conversations between two Twitter users. It is very easy to use,  just enter the names of two users whose conversations you want to track and it will do the rest. Between does not require and sign-ups and registration.

It offers filters such as date and order to get conversations for specific dates and you can also see the client used to make each tweet. These conversations can also be embedded into websites with provided embed code. At bottom of the page you can find out number of Tweets from each user and total tweets between them.

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