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24 August 2010 By Varun

Have you ever wanted to search some old tweet, either to spy on someone or just to refresh you memory? Now, you can use a site named, which claims to have the largest database of tweets. If we believe Topsy, then their collection is far bigger than Google’s Twitter search, and Twitter’s Twitter Search as well.


Features of Topsy:

  • Collection of over 5 billion tweets.
  • Search for tweets going back to May 2008, and in some cases even further.
  • Filter search according to “date”, “from”, and more.
  • Also allows you to search for photos.


No one else except Topsy offers such a wide range of tweet search, along with so many search filters. However, the site is currently in its beta version and has some bugs, but this can be easily fixed. You can head over to, and can experience this amazing Twitter search engine by yourself.

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