Scroll Through Inactive Windows without Losing Focus from Active Ones

5 August 2010 By Sourojit

While working on our systems we open lots of essential applications like Microsoft Office, Web browsers, Ebook readers etc. There are times when we have to switch between windows and applications to perform some work. In Windows 7 there is a feature of previewing thumbnails of applications on taskbar. But there is no way to work or scroll through inactive windows. For instance, while working on Microsoft Word if you want to check out a loading webpage in your browser, you have to make the browser application as active in order to do so. But this situation can be easily handled with WizMouse.

WhizMouse is a small windows freeware application that allows you to scroll through applications opened in background without loosing focus to the current window you are on. It is easy to use and stays in system tray upon installation.

WhizMouse is easy to configure with simple options. It also enables mouse wheel scrolls on applications without mouse wheel support. It may not work with laptop mousepad, in this case using a external USB mouse will solve the problem.

Download: WhizMouse

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