Scan Web URL’s and Websites before Opening them in Firefox

16 August 2010 By Sourojit

Nowadays with advance technologies and development in Antivirus applications use of internet on PC’s are becoming safer. These applications provides us safety from malicious software and Trojans that are harmful for our system or steal our private data. If you are not confident on your antivirus application then the best thing you can do to prevent virus attacks from internet is to scan suspicious web links before opening or downloading them. This task can be easily performed with Virus Total’s link scanning utility named VTzilla.

VTzilla is a small add-on for Firefox browser, that can scan any link or webpage present on the browser. It uses services like Google SafeBrowsing, Opera-AVG, Phishtank, Internet Explorer’s Smartscreen filter and TRUSTe to ensure that the provided link is clean and is safe to open or download.

After installing this add-on it appears as a separate tool bar in firefox. You can directly put links to check or scan the current website opened on tab. It also integrates itself with Firefox context menu and links can be scanned  directly by right clicking on them.

Download: VTzilla

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paru says:

we are trying to develop an intrusion detection system in ubuntu for mozilla firefox application as a plugin. we need a url scanner,is there any software needed to develop it. can u give some ideas or steps by which we can develop our system..

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