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12 August 2010 By Varun


Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best Android phones available in the market today and is still selling like hot cakes. With 4” AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and resolution of 480 x 800, it gives a tough competition to iPhone 4’s Retina Display. And these specs are very well backed up by the fast growing Android app store. However, in spite of its popularity there were no official accessories available, but that changed yesterday when Samsung announced a new line of premium accessories for Galaxy S which will take your smartphone experience to the next level.

Galaxy S Vehicle Dock: As you would have guessed, you can use this dock to mount the device for GPS navigation inside your car. This dock can hold Galaxy S in both portrait and landscape mode, while charging your phone via micro USB. For easy accessibility a new app named Car Home would be made available.

Galaxy S Desktop Dock: This dock is for home use, especially, if you watch lot of videos on your beloved phone. This dock also supports charging while in use. User can also download Desk Home app Samsung from Android AppStore to get single touch execution for features like alarm clock, music, pictures, gallery and more.


Charging Solution: Galaxy S does not provides a very good battery back up. It goes down in a single day with moderate use. So, you can always use a additional batteries for charging on-the-go. This backup battery charging system from Samsung provides 1500mAh battery, one charger, phone stand and wall charger. The entire system is very compact and can be easily carried around.


Misc: Samsung also announced protective skins for the handset, which will be available in variety of designs and colors, suiting everyone’s style. Moreover, there is a Wi-Fi HD streaming system named WMG1602, which can easily transfer your media to an HDTV.

At the moment Samsung has not declared the prices and release date of this accessories.

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John says:

Also look at the Wireless Media Stick by HSTi, an accessory to the Samsung Galaxy S or the HTC EVO – HD phone lines.

Stream files from your laptop through the phone to any TV,DVD,Blu-ray, PS3,Xbox, O!Play, WDTV, and any other device that can read files from the USB port.

I watched a whole 1080p HD movie streamed from my NAS to my non DLNA LG Blu-ray.
Highly recommend it.


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