Monitor Your Mobile Bandwidth Usage With Data Quota

3 August 2010 By Ashish Mundhra


With the outburst of GPRS and 3G  technology in the past few months most of the mobile users today are connected to the web on the go. With the operators having bandwidth limitation, the only perturb that the users undergo is to keep track of the data usage log. Now with Data Quota you can monitor your bandwidth in a much smarter way.

Data Quota is small, peachy, Symbian based, mobile application that runs in background, enabling a user to keep track of the bandwidth usage for a particular period. It uses mobile inbuilt data log, but presents it in an appealing and graphical manner.

This application provides two easy to monitor options:

  1. Quota – Allows This feature permits the user to set the maximum bandwidth limit for the month.
  2. Billing Day – Just set in your monthly renewal date, once you set the limit, a bar will display the days remaining.

Download the latest version of Data Quota for Symbian Mobiles having Version s60 3rd or 5th edition.

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