Windows Application Blocker: Password Lock any Application in Windows

13 August 2010 By Sourojit

There are many applications in windows that we may not want other users to access. In windows the easiest way to perform this task is creating several user accounts but this technique does not work well always. There are times when you may leave your computer unlocked due to some urgent work, thus your applications remain unprotected. The best solution available for this problem is to lock the applications you want to prevent from unauthorized access. Windows Application Blocker helps you perform this task without a hassle.

Windows Application Blocker is a freeware tool for windows that can lock particular applications with password. It is easy to use and you just have to put in the application name for instance, if you want to lock firefox then you have to type in firefox.exe and lock it with a password. Locked applications can be unlocked again using the same password. You can also remove locking and change password later. Only thing you should remember is the password.

Download: Windows Application Blocker

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