How to Extract any Text from a Scanned Document for Free

16 August 2010 By Ashish Mundhra


As we all know that whenever we scan a document from scanner or take a photograph of the same we get the file in a JPEG or PNG format and there fore we can not edit the document directly. OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a tool meant to scan and extract characters from a scanned document image.

There are many paid software available for the purpose but if you require the service once in a blue moon Free-OCR is an unbelievable free web application which can easily convert images to text.

Its a nifty online application using which you can scan many of the well knows formats, ( PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF or BMP ) and get the text version output easily. Just upload the your desired file, choose your desired language, fill the security captcha and press the send file button. That’s all you will have a txt file with you in moments.

ocr upload

Some restriction for using the above service :-

  1. You can not upload files that are larger than 2MB and wider or higher than 5000 pixels.
  2. At most 10 images can be converted per hour.

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