How to Disable USB Port on Windows Easily

10 August 2010 By Varun

USB port has proved to be a revolutionary discovery in transferring data for the past few years. But along with fast data transfers came more threats like spywares and malwares which are spreading more quickly because of easy access and gullible users. Hence, to ensure a secured system you are required to keep a watch on the devices connected via USB ports. However, this is not possible all the time. So, a software solution would be a better idea.

USB Port Locked simply locks all the USB ports on the system, and keeps it safe and sound while you are away. User interface of this app is very simple, and does not confuse user with useless features.  It is super lightweight with a download size of just 188KB and 1.06 MB on disk after extracting.

You can download this  freeware from Softpedia.

Locking USB Ports in Windows 7

Run the program “USB Port Locked” as Administrator or it might show a runtime error.

Also please note that the program will not stop the already plugged in USB drives.

This software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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husain says:

it works great, locked my usb ports, i could now rest.

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