How to Change Default Search in Firefox and Epic

2 August 2010 By Ashish Mundhra

Majority of the online public prefer Google’s search engine but surprisingly there are numerous people out there who use search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Ask for their daily search dose. Believe it or not I my self use Duck Duck Go as my default search engine. If you are a Firefox user you must have noticed that it prefer Google as a default search engine for address bar and there is no easy and direct way to change it.

Here is way you can change your default search engine in Firefox and Epic browsers.

Before we start please make sure you have already installed the search engine from the Mozilla, if not get your search engine.

Now In your address bar, type : “about:config”

In the  search box, type :

About config search

Now right click on the entry and choose “Modify”, then type the name of the search engine you wanted to use.

You will now be able to search using your favorite search engine directly by address bar after restarting your browser.

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