1 Second Folder Encryption: Secure Private Folders in Windows

23 August 2010 By Sourojit

While talking about private data on computer we refer to any data that we do not want to be accessed by others. It can be any official document, photographs, documents containing various account details etc. To accomplish this purpose there are various tools available in the market to lock such files or folders but you have to pay a high price for them. 1 Second Folder Encryption is tool that performs this job for you with out bothering your pocket at all.

1 Second Folder Encryption is a freeware folder encryption tool for windows. This software program is easy to use and provides solid encryption at basic levels within moments. It has only one main window and files can be encrypted or decrypted using the same. Here is you you can perform these actions.

For Encrypting:

  • Run the Folder Encryption program, and Check “Encrypt” option
  • press “browse…” button, to select a folder
  • press “Start” to start encrypt

For Decrypting:

  • Run the Folder Encryption program, and Check “Decrypt” option
  • press “browse…”, to select a folder with the last char of the its name is “.”
  • press “Start” to start Decrypt

Download: 1 Second Folder Encryption

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