FreeApps: Download Windows Freeware Applications from Desktop

20 August 2010 By Sourojit

There are many freeware applications that we love to use on our systems. These free applications not only serves to perform our work faster but few among them become a must have in our day to day use. Keeping track of all these new applications individually is a tedious work when we are using dozens of these applications. Though there are many software updater available today, very few are strictly emphasized only on freewares. FreeApps is a handy tool that helps us performing this job easily.

FreeApps is a freeware desktop software update client that keeps track of all freeware applications installed on our system and provides updates and new applications for download. It provides applications under several categories like recommended, browsers, antivirus, file sharing, office software etc. You can also view applications available for update.

Once you have selected the applications you can download them with a single click. FreeApps also provides giveaways that can be easily obtained by clicking on the application link.

Download: FreeApps

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