Plop BootManager: Boot From USB Drive [Freeware]

26 August 2010 By Varun


There are times when you wish to boot your system from a pen drive, especially, when it is not booting from the HDD, and you urgently want to access a file in your system. Now you can use Plop BootManager to boot your system via USB drive, even if your PC or laptop does not support USB boot.

Guide to boot any PC/laptop via USB Pen drive:

  1. Download Plop BootManager.
  2. Extract and burn plpbt.iso on a CD.
  3. Insert this bootable CD in optical drive and restart the system (Note: Change boot preference settings in BIOS, and give first preference to CD/DVD drive).
  4. A screen will appear, asking for the boot device, select USB drive as the boot device.

Now, you can boot your PC or laptop with any operating system supporting USB boot. Learn more about Plop BootManager here.

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