While Working on windows we keep opening many documents and applications. These applications remains on the taskbar and switching between them can be done through Alt+Tab hotkey combination. There are times when any of these key may not work on your system or you may not wish to press these keys every time you want to switch tasks. AltEdge is a small application that comes handy in these situations. Continue Reading →


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is one of the hottest racing games which is going to release in the coming months. EA Sports is already going to different cities in the US to promote the game, and is receiving very good response. It will be going to sport a wide variety of cars coupled with a great gameplay. Continue Reading →

Nowadays using wireless networks is becoming a bit common for accessing internet or sharing files over local area network. But there may be more than one wireless networks nearby, these are automatically detected by windows as soon as  Wi-Fi receiver of your system is switched on. Windows detects almost all networks except the hidden ones but does not provide much information on them. WirelessNetView is a handy free utility that can be used for this purpose. Continue Reading →


There are times when you wish to boot your system from a pen drive, especially, when it is not booting from the HDD, and you urgently want to access a file in your system. Now you can use Plop BootManager to boot your system via USB drive, even if your PC or laptop does not support USB boot. Continue Reading →

Every one must be familiar with the CTRL+ALT+DEL hotkey combination in windows. This combination is used at times when we experience a full system freeze, it brings up the task manager giving access to other options like lock computer, switch user, change password and log off. But most of the times it is seen that we do not use many of these features. These unwanted entries can be enabled or disabled using  Tweak CTRL+ALT+DEL Option Tool. Continue Reading →

galaxy tab price and features

Samsung Galaxy Tab is the upcoming capacitive touchscreen tablet device running on Android 2.2 featuring a 7 inch display, autofocus camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Exact details of the internal hardware haven’t been revealed yet but expect similar hardware to that of Samsung Galaxy S.

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Adding application shortcut to context menu is a smart way to perform tasks faster with just a single click. But with time and installation of various applications context menu keeps expanding and may seem too bulky not only for windows explorer but also in IE. These unwanted context menu entries can be easily removed using MenuMaid. Continue Reading →

Have you ever wanted to search some old tweet, either to spy on someone or just to refresh you memory? Now, you can use a site named topsy.com, which claims to have the largest database of tweets. If we believe Topsy, then their collection is far bigger than Google’s Twitter search, and Twitter’s Twitter Search as well. Continue Reading →

While talking about private data on computer we refer to any data that we do not want to be accessed by others. It can be any official document, photographs, documents containing various account details etc. To accomplish this purpose there are various tools available in the market to lock such files or folders but you have to pay a high price for them. 1 Second Folder Encryption is tool that performs this job for you with out bothering your pocket at all. Continue Reading →


Indian customers has always been very price conscious, and that is the reason why companies feel shy in launching their flagship models in India. If we talk about gaming then India is still in its adolescence, but still XFX and AMD pulled off a brave step, and showcased XFX ATI Radeon HD 5970 4GB Black Edition, their flagship graphics card in India. Continue Reading →

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