Warning: Your Router Can Be Prone To a New Hack

22 July 2010 By Varun


Seismic, a well known security consultancy, has recently performed a test where they have found many routers prone to a certain hack. Seismic found a loop hole in DNS rebiniding codes, which can be exploited by a hacker to intercept and redirect traffic, and if computer is connected with some local network then hacker can even get remote access to the computer.

The issue is so serious that Seismic selected “How to hack millions of routers”, as the title of its presentation. On the positive note, half of the routers were not found prone to such attacks.

Here is the list of routers tested (the one with “YES” in the last column are successfully attacked.

Tips to avoid Attacks:

  • Change router’s default password.
  • Change the default IP address of router.
  • Update router’s firmware, as soon as it comes.

Unfortunately, these are just precautionary measures, and will work only for some light attacks. Wait for the patch for this security hole, until then keep checking the address bar of your browser for any redirected path.

via Arstechnica

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