Skype breaks its relations with fring [Mobile Video Calling]

24 July 2010 By Ankit Duseja


Fring, a popular mobile VoIP service is facing a nightmare these days as Skype has broken the long term relationship between the two. I have been using fring for more than two years to make video and audio calls over Skype and this recent breakup among the two has affected millions of customers around the globe who heavily depended on fring for connecting to their loved one’s.

Fring started as small VoIP company which over the time kept on integrating more and more services, platforms and devices. Their growth went enormously good and they became the largest mobile VoIP company who support all type of services and on all types of platforms.  Last year, they introduced video calling over mobiles for Skype users. But as Skype is no longer supporting them and fring is losing its market share.

Here is what fring says about the incident:

For 4 years we have led mobile communication innovation, most recently with video calling on any advanced Smartphone and network.

Now that fring expanded capacity to support the huge demand for video calling for all users, Skype has blocked us from doing so.

They are afraid of open mobile communication. Cowards.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed that Skype, who once championed the cause of openness is now trying to muzzle competition, even at the expense of its own users.

If you have also been affected by this breakup, you must check out the following options:

1) Fring: Though fring has been ditched by Skype, they still have a large user base and support almost every mobile platform on earth. fring is still providing fring-to-fring video calls over the mobiles but the problem is that chat buddies for most of the clients were added through skype or other networks. People now have to exchange their fring ID’s in order to make a video call.

2) Nimbuzz: This is another good service and they feature a web based client, a desktop client and few other mobile platforms. They support all kind of messenger services and audio calls but the video lacks here. The quality isn’t as good as fring or skype but if you need an all in one audio calling package and alternative to fring, Nimbuzz is the service you should try.

Note: Nimbuzz java version does not support any VoIP calling. You need to check with your platform.

3) Skype: Skype themselves support a few mobile platforms for VoIP calling over mobile phone’s. They have an application for Android, Blackberry. iPhone, Symbian S60 but most of the platforms only support audio calls and no video. However it is expected that skype will soon support video call on all platforms.

There are few other services which support audio and video calls over the mobile phone’s but their quality does not match the above mentioned services. Even after this breakup fring still is the only cross-platform mobile video calling service available. Though fring does not have a desktop client but after this breakup we can expect one from fring in order to compete with Skype.

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fringster says:

All i can say is that nimbuzz is not a shadow of fring… the service is very unreliable, keeps disconnecting all the time and the customer service is very very poor. i’ve used fring for quite a few years and never had no problems, the service was getting better and better until skype pulled the plug. on the other hand nimbuzz can’t handle the volume that left fring to go to them and does nothing about it.
there forum is full of requests and complaints and still makes no difference and support doesn’t reply…
i wish somebody would come up with something new.

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