See Latest Tweets Instantly while Browsing from People on Any Webpage

27 July 2010 By Sourojit

While browsing on a website or any webpage we come across many names of popular peoples and services about whom we may want to know more. For this purpose Tweeter provides the best platform to be updated with tweets from people and services you like or come across. If done in the normal process you have to search for the person in Twitter to get their updates but this is a time taking process. Moreover to follow someone you need to have a Twitter account first. If you do not want go through these long process or you are not having a Twitter account then also it is possible to get instant tweets from people with Tweetbeat Firsthand.

Tweetbeat Firsthand is a web browser add-on available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This add-on helps you to get latest tweet updates of people you find on webpages in a simple manner. All you need to do is install this add-on and nothing more. After this add-on is installed you will find tweeter icon beside names or services while browsing through pages. Clicking this icon will show you their latest tweets. If you have a twitter account you can also share them.

Firsthand does not work in two conditions either when you are viewing https secured pages or when you are browsing in private mode. You can also add web addresses to its black list which will not be monitored. This can be done directly by clicking on Firsthand icon, for Firefox it is on the right bottom corner.

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