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4 July 2010 By Shashank


PlayStation Plus was launched last week as a premium service for PS3 gamers that would provide free monthly games download, exclusive betas of upcoming games, auto-updation of PS3 games, full game trials and discount on PSN games, all this for a yearly subscription fees of $49.99 or $17.99 for three months. We got access to PlayStation Plus yearly subscription earlier this week and now we will tell you everything you wanted to know about this premium service.

PlayStation Plus: What’s Inside

PlayStation Plus is new subscription service that Sony is still trying to cope up with it and they are still deciding what to offer and what not to, as of now PlayStation Plus can be accessed by going into PlayStation Store via XMB. There is a separate PlayStation Plus menu that will show the games and offers available for PlayStation Plus Subscribers, if you are subscriber then you can proceed to download the games, themes and packs.

Also note that all the content inside PlayStation Plus will change monthly and every month there will be new set of PSN games, PSP Minis, PS One classics, Full game trials and they are even promising free episodes of Qore magazine.

Currently available on PlayStation US Account

Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

  • WipEout HD, normal price $20
  • Age of Zombies,  normal price $4.99
  • Rally Cross,  normal price $5.99
  • Warhawk Fallen Star Pack Addon,  $1.99
  • Free Collision Theme
  • Two Free Fat Princess Avatar and 1$ Discount on Fat Roles Expansion Pack
  • Full game trial of inFAMOUS

Discounted Gaming Content for PlayStation Plus Members

  • Mortal Kombat II for $2.50, normal price $4.99
  • Gauntlet II for $2.50, normal price $4.99
  • Rampage II for $2.50, normal price $4.99
  • Rampart for $2.50, normal price $4.99
  • Cuboid for $7.99, normal price $9.99
  • Free Cuboid add-on content worth $12
  • There also is $1-$2 discount on TIK Games/Creat Studios games and add-ons

PlayStation Plus members will also get a nice PLUS sign on their PlayStation I.Ds which can surely provide some bragging rights among your friends.

PlayStation Plus: Value for money?

You can do the math yourself from the pricing details given above. Just the PSN network games like WipEout HD and others that will be given for free, one every month are well worth the money and you can play them as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus, and if you order now, you will also be given three months extra PlayStation Plus Subscription worth $17.99. First month itself provides you more than $50 value and you have still 11 months to go, you are getting so much content for a price of single PS3 game. Still not impressed?

PlayStation Plus Negatives

  • They have not provided Qore magazine as of now and Fieldrunners games is missing from what they have promised earlier
  • No Cross game chat available

PlayStation Plus Service is sure to improve and its only the beginning, let us know if you going for it or not, is there any other feature you would like see on PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus Update:

High Definition Qore Episode 26 now available, Size:  1786 MB

MAG Dynamic themes are now available

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LBDz says:

So in the UK we don’t get the FREE 3 months if we take the 1 year PSN Plus Service. We don’t get half of what the USA got given, So this is BS !!

And just to add to this is PSN deals which take place each week ( Wednesday in UK ) are not worth taking IN CASE they are giving to PLUS members FREE next month in the PSN-Plus deals.

SONY needs to sort this out. NOW.

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