Personal Yachts, Submarines & Convertibles for Super Rich

24 July 2010 By Varun


If you are a die hard romantic person and has got a lot of cash to spend, then this is the “thing” for you. To start with, Personal Submarine costs “mere” $2 million and it can take two people at a time, up to a depth of 1000 feet for 6 hours, which is good enough for those “private moments”.

This submarine comes with a climate controlled acrylic sphere ( 1.44 meters diameter)and 150 watts 4 halogen lamps for underwater safari. Personal Submarine powers with a powerful 3 horsepower engine, along with two batteries of 120 & 24 volt respectively. GPS and VHF radio is also included for better navigation. The submarine is very rugged and safe, and it is certified +A1 passenger carrying manned sub by American Bureau of Shipping.



If you are afraid to go underwater then give a shot to the world’s biggest yacht, Eclipse. This yacht is so big that it would be better to call it a small cruise ship. This super luxurious yacht measures 560 foot in length, which is more than twice the length of Boeing 747.



Eclipse has 11 guest cabins, 2 helipads, hot tubs, disco halls, 3 launch boats, 1 min-submarine, bullet proof window glasses, and the list goes on & on. This royal vehicle requires 70 crew members to operate it, and costs $1.2 billion.



If you want the best of both worlds, then lets have a look at U-010, which is a 66.5 meters long convertible yacht. This convertible requires just one command from you to convert itself into a submarine. This thing runs on diesel when on surface, and turns to electricity underwater. I didn’t found much details about it, but pics confirms that it is super luxurious as well.








Just take a guess about the cost of this thing because we don’t know it either. But one thing is for sure that U-010 is only for insanely rich.

And the best one…..


Imagine that you are in a 65 meter long transparent tube, 2000 feet deep, exploring the “untouched” underwater life of the ocean.That’s the kind of feeling you get in The Phoenix 1000.


The Phoenix 1000 is made by U.S.Submarines, and it is the largest and the most spacious underwater vehicle ever made for personal use. This convertible yacht has a total interior area of 460 square meter (5000 square feet). That’s not it, the best thing about the Phoenix 1000 is that it has got very very big hemispherical sectors made from acrylic for the amazing viewing of underwater life. To add to that beautiful experience, Phoenix has huge (6 feet diameter) acrylic windows in the living room and dining room, with many small ones in other part of the sub.


The Phoenix 1000 is good enough to go for trans-Atlantic ride with a speed of 16 knots, and yes, it can go up to a depth of 2000 feet. Quite obviously, it has got all the necessary equipments like pressure-compensated radar radome, GPS antenna, satellite communications radome, radio aerials, running lights, remote steering station, etc, etc, etc.


Owner can order Phoenix 1000 to be made for 2 passengers and can go up to 8. It has a mini-sub attached to it, in case you want to make an emergency exit while underwater.

So, dive underwater with the Phoenix 1000, and explore the “unseen” for just $78 million.

Alright, so i guess that would be enough to give you some nice “rich” dreams tonight. Keep checking our site to explore that fantasy world again.

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