NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460: DX11 Compatible Mid-Range Graphics Card for PC[$199]

13 July 2010 By Varun


If you are looking for a good DX11 graphics card, but do not have enough money to spare on your next rig, then Nvidia has launched their GTX 460 just for you. GTX 460 provides decent performance at a reasonable price.

Unlike its big brother GTX 465, GTX 460 is built on the all new GF104 core, and if we believe Nvidia, then this card can be up to four times faster than the ATI cards in the same category.

Specs of Nvidia GTX 460:

  • 675MHz graphics clock speed (can be over-clocked)
  • 1350MHz processor clock speed
  • 768MB/1GB GDDR5 memory (optional) clocked at 1800MHz
  • Supports Physx and 3D vision technology
  • Max resolution of 2560 x 1600
  • 336 CUDA cores and 56 texture units
  • Dual slot with PCI-e 2.0 x 16 interface

GTX 460 will be available for the masses from July 26, 2010. You will need to pay $199 for 768MB version and $229 for 1GB version.

Most of the big guns in the market have already announced their version of GTX 460. Here is the list of some companies with brief description:

  • Palit: 17.5% over-clocked than the actual core speed. Price details are not available at the moment.
  • Zotac: Sub $250 price bracket with Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands as the bundled game.
  • Asus: Copper heat sink and lot of over-clocking options. Price details are not available at the moment.
  • EVGA: No price details. Tech specs are almost same as the provided default.

You can read the detailed review of Nvidia GTX 460 on these sites:


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