Now Play Classic Snake Game While Your YouTube Video Buffers

25 July 2010 By Ashish Mundhra


Well now we all can play classical Snake game, while our favorite video buffers on YouTube. When I read about the trick  I was unsure whether it was legit or  fake but after testing and playing the game on YouTube myself  I can confirm that the trick works perfectly with out a glitch.

For the trick to work please make sure you have these two condition satisfied.

  1. You should be on the YouTube website  while watching your video as this trick will not work on embeds.
  2. The videos you are buffering should be playing on the new YouTube player.

If both the above criteria are satisfied you can activate the Snake game by just holding down the left arrow key while your video is buffering.

As the game starts, you will be able to control a translucent snake. All you have to do is eat up the dots that blink on the video without hitting the video player edges or the snake itself. So from next time if you are getting bored while your video buffers you know what to do.

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