MeeGo Pre-Alpha Demo Video

1 July 2010 By Varun


Everyone knows that Maemo is dead, and MeeGo is the latest OS that we will be seen on the upcoming N-series smart-phones from Nokia. Just like Maemo, MeeGo is also open-source, and unlike the UI which we saw in tablets and netbooks, the one in this demo looks quite different and impressive.

This pre-alpha demo of MeeGo looks good, with smoother and better UI. Since, it is just a pre-alpha, so expected some added surprise features, like lot of customization, in the later versions.

Pre-built images of MeeGo is available for Aava handsets. Also, image for Nokia N900 is expected to release soon. However, it is still in pre-alpha phase, and there are lots of bugs in it. So, it would be better to wait for a more refined version. MeeGo development team also announced that MeeGo will be available for the masses in October 2010.

Here is the demo video of MeeGo:

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