JavaScript Test: MeeGo Vs Android 2.2 Froyo Vs iOS 4

9 July 2010 By Varun

In recent past, Google had been boasting about Android 2.2 Froyo that it features the world’s fastest mobile browser. So, it is time to put its speed to test against reigning champion iOS 4 along with the latest sensation MeeGo.

Test was conducted on leaked Nokia Aava, Nexus One, and iPhone 4. All these phones ran the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, respectively. SunSpider was used as the benchmark, because of its good balance between hardware and software.


Here are the results, MeeGo, which is currently in pre-alpha phase, took 4.215 seconds to open the same page which Froyo took 5.765 seconds, while iOS 4 took 10.902 seconds.

Clearly MeeGo takes the crown here, with Froyo taking the second spot, and iOS 4 going for far third. So, this test does nothing but adds on to the confusion – which mobile OS should we opt for, well established iOS 4, fast growing Android, or the latest MeeGo and then there is this upcoming Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft.

Via: CarryPad and ArsTechnica

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Quakeboy says:

this is not a proper test to compare OS speeds.. It should be done on same hardware

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