Airtel to Release iPhone 4 in India by October 2010

19 July 2010 By Ashish Mundhra

Finally there is a good news for all the Indian Apple iPhone lovers! One if the India’s largest telecommunication giant Bharti Airtel has confirmed to media that they will be bringing iPhone 4 to Indian market by the end of October 2010. Bharti Airtel CEO, Sanjay Kapoor told the reporters “We are working with Apple. Hopefully, we will launch it in the September-October timeframe.”

Airtel iPhone 4 Price

Currently no official date or price is set by the company but seeing the current price of iPhone 3GS in Indian Market which is Rs 35,500 for the 16GB version and Rs 41,500 for the 32GB version, we can be pretty sure iPhone 4 will be trinket and a luxury purchase for very few.

Expected iPhone 4 price: Rs 35,000 for 16 GB version

Vodafone already confirmed it, lets see which company brings iPhone 4 first to Indian soil.

According to me  Apple iPhone 4 will be available in Indian market by the time of Diwali, but after all those controversies of Apple iPhone 4 antenna issue will you buy it?

Use the comment section to let us know what do you think.

via Times Of India

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ladwal says:

Let more feedbacks should come, till it arrives to india.

mintu says:

Apple iphone 4s

Rahul says:

I’m gonna buy iphone 4 soon…

Bhupen says:

what a lovely iphone awsome by funcatiionality. now got fixed price in india. where can i get this device???

Abdulla says:

what’s the expected price of iphone4 16gb….

baba madhok says:

iphone4 is a step towards future of mobile phones , no doubt this device is at least 5 years ahead of its competitors,
i have used iphone 2 g , 3g , 3gs all i feel i will drop dead without an iphone in hand

mohd says:

What will be the delivery time if its launch in india?

Sameer says:

I am using Nokia N93i for the past 4 yrs, and vry comfortable wid it. Now looking for iphone, will it be good for me, plz suggest folks…

Gagan says:

Dude apple is giving free cover / bumpers with every iphone 4 purchase and steve jobs already said that its till 30th september so plz look forward to it also he further added that they may look for another way out the anteanna problem….

Sameer says:

Thnx Gagan, plz tell what exactly is this 2 years contract…

Puneet Bhatia says:

In USA Price of IPHONE 4 is very less almost 10000 Indian Ruppes. whereas in india it is around 40000. Why there is huge diffrence of price in india.

Harit Pandya says:

@Puneet : The price of Iphone in US is 10000 because after buying it you have to be in contract with At & T having a monthly plan, where you pay rest of the price of the phone.

If you dont want to be in contract like me (i am in US and will be coming to india) then you can go for non commitement option by paying $599 + Tax = $655. But still the phone will be locked with At & T and you need to unlock it for use in india.

Hope it solves ur query

bunny says:

launch iphone 4 as fast as possible.we are eagerly waiting for it.

Akash says:

I wish to buy the iPhone 4. What is the expected date of arrival in India and what will be the price with Vodafone for the 16GB version?

Harit says:


Expected Date : Sometime near to diwali (still not fixed)
Expected price: Around 35 to 40 K (expected price)


Anirban says:

I have an iPod Touch 3G 32GB, it is awesome device from Apple. Now I am eagrly waiting to buy an iPhone 4. iPhone is revolution for the touch device. No another cellphone can beat iPhone.

Gaurav Khiani says:

heck ya im gonna buy it…been an apple fan a long time…and i trust it cuz it gives quality no other company can even come close to!

paul says:

i have iphone 4 this is a damm shit phone plz dont buy it fuckin network problem….u cant make a damm phone calls

att da sikari says:

hi i can eat 12 chappati with water …..plz vote me for world record thanks for all….plz send me your comment


Wals says:

Bought the Iphone 4!!!

Damm Cool!!


Karan Bhatia says:


I have an iPhone4 and an iPhone 3GS that I won’t to sell. I got them from the United States, and are currently locked with AT&T, but I can unlock them for you ! They are completely new phones, and have not been used at all. I am expecting INR 32000 for the iPhone4 and INR 24000 for 3GS. Please let me know if you are interested.

Karan Bhatia

Vik says:

Hi there, I am coming to India in December, I will bring 2 iphone 4 with me, if anyone is interested please email me, I will be in Punjab. Im from UK. email me at

steve edwin says:

wtf………… can the price of i phone 4 be 35k………3gs is also 35k………………its gonna definitly be higher…..

Ash says:


How much would you sell it for?

Hardik says:

I bought it 😀
And I am just 13 years old…dad denyed but later on bought 2 for both of us

satin sir says:

I wish to have one iphone4,,,whats ur lowest offer ???

for it in India,, Please mail,.

SIMBA says:

awesome comments

seema says:

Is iPhone sim card available in India? I’m coming to India next week and want to use mine.

seema says:

I menat iPhone4 sim card

Gibu Bambino says:

I ve bin waiting for this fully loaded slim mobile for years 🙂 i ll get it asap no matter wat price it is…

duskymacho says:

For all those who think iPhone cost very less in US;

Cost of iphone is $200 + taxes + 2 years contract with data plan as mandatory.

Most of the plans are close to $70 + taxes

So your monthly committment is roughly $70 till 2 years.

total cost you will pay for 2 years contract = $200 + $1680 = $1880 (INR 84600)

Plus everyone knows what if they break / breach the contract.

iPhone 4 comes with mandatory contract. You cannot buy it otherwise. Yes iPhone 3 is now available with no plan and cost around $500+.

Think before you invest.

Shashidhar says:

Hi Vik

Please let me the know the price for Iphone 4
would like to go for it
mail me

Vikas says:

Hi there, I have brand new Iphone 4 and is unlocked. I want to sell it for around 35000 inr. If any1 interested mail me on I live in Punjab.

Rama Krishna says:

Hi there, I just asked my Boss to buy an iPhone4 32GB from US and he is bringing it to India this week, do any of you know whether it can be unlocked in India and also, do we have a Slim Sim Cards available in India for using it here, I live in Hyderabad – Kindly confirm!!!

faheem says:

its my dream to buy iphon 3gs 16gb aft i saw iphon4 u know wht i did i book fro iphon4 32gb now soon i’ll get tht in my hand inshallah……

Aadil says:

yuppie………………….I got iphone 4 32 GB

Rama Krishna says:

I just got my iPhone 4.0 32GB too… It’s too good, but Im yet to use it for Calling, Im unable to Unlock it, any suggestions pls…

Shiju says:

Hi All, Even I am planning for iPhone 4. Please share the way to unlock this in India.

Ankush Krishan says:

Would like to know the outlets for acquiring Iphone 4 in Delhi. The outlet nearest to Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070

Funtoish says:

iPhone 4 available from store in MGF metropolitan mall in Gurgaon. Brand new unlocked(sim free) from Apple. Have fun.

lakshya says:


Gagan says:

plz tell me the price of i phone 3gs 8gb in airtel outlet in delhi jan2011

Dashrath Raghav says:

uptilll now all ive heard are the gud points about the spectacular iphone 4…would ne1 be kind enough to write down the drawbacks in quality or features ….

ronny says:

for purchasing of iphone 4 unlocked and unlocknig of locked iphone 3Gs or 4 kindly mail at

I get 1 iphone 4 16gb for myself from them at 32,175 only so didn’t you like to buy from them its cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul says:

Hey all !!!!!
Just a question wat do u think will happen if I bought an iPhone with a contract in the US and
Bring it to India and unlock it using something like redsn0w ????

armaan says:

hey guys i hve iphone 4 but iwant to sell it if any one interseted from bangalore u can call me to dis num 9141440199 and mail me at

pradip maity says:

i need one i phone

pradip maity says:

i phone vare good phone

Superstar says:

Can anyone tell me names of some shops in Mumbai where they can cut the Normal SIM Card to fit the iphone 4 SIM specifications & what could be the approximate cost of the same?

ARTI says:


Gill says:

I have iphone4 but i need micrisim pls help ‘Airtel ‘


Whats the price u r looking to sell i t off…as it is second hand i would go for it 15 000 Rs. Leave ur opinion.

deepak says:

I want to sell my Iphone 4 for 40000 rs its unlocked, bought from canada, so no warranty is available and it is bout 9 days old.

only genuine person no bargain not too many question, before trying pls see on net all details are available.

also all I phones in US and Canada are designed in US but assembled in CHINA so dont ask me that useless question.

and for all those people who dont knwo , all the electronics in US and Canada comes from CHINA/TAIWAN/ and lower end mobiles even from INDIA

deepak says:

also about the micro sim for i phone 4, no need to worry, take a heated sharp knife and cut your existing sim in required size and that will work on I phone 4.

there is only diffrence of small plastic but the chip is same.

i hope this will help

Hunny says:

I get it I am just 12 years old and it’s my iphone 4

Wow , what a great deal with Airtel & aircel
Best engineered phone , what you want to do or communicate.
only thing is know to operate, then world is in your palm.

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