Intel Photonics Link: Intel Achieved Lightning Speed of 50 Gbps Data Transfer [Video]

28 July 2010 By Varun


What? Really? That’s the kind of reaction i had when i first read about this breakthrough innovation from Intel. To just give you an idea about the intensity of this experiment, 50Gbps data transfer speed can transfer an HD movie in just a second.

Idea behind this technology is quite simple, but effective. Photonic Link uses lasers (photons) to transfer data, rather than electrons, hence, dramatically increasing the data transfer speeds. To add to your excitement, this is just the starting phase for this technology, and Intel expect to achieve as much as 1Tbps (1000Gbps) speed in future.

Explanatory and demo video of Photonics Link:

Unfortunately, we are not going to witness this technology anytime soon, and it will reach to the masses somewhere around 2015.

Learn more about Photonics Link.

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