Intel Core i7-940XM: Fastest Quad Core Processor for Notebooks [Coming Soon]

6 July 2010 By Varun


Intel is doing wonders with their Nehalem architecture, and now they have decided to raise the bar by upgrading their flagship processor, core i7 chip. This new processor is named as Core i7-940XM, and it will become the fastest quad core notebook processor from Intel as soon as it is launched.

This beast will have a core speed of 2.13GHz, but overclockers can go up to 3.33GHz with turbo overclocking. Core i7-940XM will feature 8MB of cache, and can handle as much as 8 threads at a time, with power consumption of 55W.

Core i7-940XM is expected to launch in third quarter of 2010 with a price tag of $1054.

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Hardware 3 comments


This new processor Core i7-940XM from intel seems to be have good processor speed. I need to purchase one for my office, but will it support Windows 2008 server edition?

daniel watkins says:

Why wouldn’t it support win2008 server? Of course it does.

Techie Maniac says:

At Latest Gadgets. Even my old Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition with only one core but with Hyper Thread at 3.8Ghz can run Win Server 2008 why not the latest mobile i7? What a joke man!

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