How to Upgrade Galaxy S to Android 2.2 [Tutorial]

29 July 2010 By Shashank

Android 2.2 Galaxy S

Earlier today first build of Android 2.2 I9000XXJP1 of the Samsung Galaxy S firmware leaked online, after a while a updated build I9000XXJP2 was released which is the most recent version of Android 2.2 for Galaxy S that you can install right now. Today we will tell you how to Flash your Galaxy S to Android 2.2 ROM easily. Just follow our step by step instructions and you will be up and running Android 2.2 in no time.

How to Upgrade Galaxy S Firmware to Android 2.2

1) Download the necessary files to a single folder and extract them

Download Odin3_v1.0 for Flashing firmware

Download .PIT File

Download Android 2.2 build I9000XXJP2 (pass

After extracting Odin and Android 2.2 rar file, it will look something like this

android 2.2 firmware upgrade files

2) Double click on Odin3_v1.0 and keep it open

3) Turn off the Galaxy S

4) Remove SIM Card and MicroSD, Insert Battery

Now we have to turn on the Galaxy S in “Download Mode” – for this hold Volume Down, Power and Home button simultaneously for a few seconds, you will now see this screen

galaxy s download mode

5) Now Connect the Galaxy S using the USB cable, wait for the necessary drivers to install.

Meanwhile in Odin do these

Check Re-Partition Check box

For PIT file select the downloaded PIT file in step 1

for PDA     Select I9000XXJP2-REV03-PDA-CL464213.tar

For Phone Select MODEM_I9000XXJP2.tar

For CSC    Select GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJP2.tar

Odin will look like this now

android 2.2 firmware upgrade odin2

After Drivers installation

Odin screen will now look like this

android 2.2 firmware upgrade odin3

6) Click on Start

android 2.2 firmware upgrade odin4

android 2.2 firmware upgrade odin5

Wait for the Firmware update to get finished.

7) Galaxy S will now reboot and installation will now take place on the device itself and it will reboot once again.

android 2.2 firmware upgrade odin6- success

Congrats you have successfully installed Android 2.2 Froyo on your Galaxy S.

What’s Next

Root of Galaxy S Android 2.2 is already out, use this


If you have any questions or feedback use the comment form below.


The above guide is only for Samsung Galaxy S  and not for Galaxy S variants.

Official Android 2.2 for Galaxy S will be rolled out in November, 2010 for all countries. You can update via Kies or use Odin if you have access to the firmware file.


Official Android 2.2 is now available via Samsung Kies software, read this tutorial to upgrade your Galaxy S via Kies

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Android 202 comments


Himanshu says:

It does not work.

Downloaded all files
and did as said.

after clicking on start nothing happens.

Shashank says:


Have you selected the correct files, have a close look at the screenshots of step 5 and double check that downloaded firmware and files are intact and not corrupted.

Himanshu says:

Hi Shashank,

it worked when I tried again, Don’t know where did I go wrong.
However , I thought the Flash player 10.1 will work on my phone once I update it to android 2.2 , however it does not.
Any idea how can flash player work on it ?

Shashank says:

I am glad it worked 🙂

you have to download flash player from market for it to work. I however not tested flash on 2.2 yet.

sukh says:

asking for a password to unzip I9000XXJP1.rar file,,? what to do

Shashank says:

Password is “”

sukh says:

thanks a tonnes,,, my phone updated to 2.2 ,,,,tell me some apps for my cell

sukh says:

thanks again

TJ8 says:

Lost my 3gs and HSDPA connection after successful upgrade to Adroid 2.2 and rooting it. My internet connection is also gone,except for wifi. 3gs and HSDPA seem to be not recognised in the network .Glad if you can help me to revert to my 2.1 version, or add in 3gs and HSDPA in the network mode.Tqvm.

TJ8 says:


Managed to troubleshoot my technical issue.I must thank Samsung Firmware World for the solution.I learnt that there was another guy asking the same question .So,I followed the
Expert’s advice.Am relieved at last.So,guys,it is worth signing in @ . See the thread on “galaxy-s-with-froyo-no-internet-connection”.


TJ8 says:

Thanks so much for making the upgrade so simple a task.
I salute you for that.Keep up the good work!

tander_08 says:

how to extract odin and android 2.2?? thanks in advance

tander_08 says:

done it my self..

did somebody found out a solution with froyo no internet connection??

Shashank says:

if you are talking about net connection using 2G/3G/GPRS then you have to fill in the APN details manually. Its easy just go to :
Settings -> Wireless and network -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names (APN) -> set a new APN by pressing the left bottom button.

tander_08 says:

shashank thanks alot..

does the flash player 10.1 working???
…is it available in market when you update the galaxy s with this steps???

thanks in advance

tander_08 says:

did you alredy tested the flash player 10.1? on galaxy s


No , Flash player 10.1 is not available even if you upgrade your Galaxy S to Android 2.2

However , you can sign up for private beta AIR runtime on

This will help you to run flash / flex based applications on Galaxy S as android apps.

tander_08 says:

…then how would i do that… there’s no flash 10.1 in market?.

..tnx.. And by the way will galaxy s support android 3.0

TJ8 says:

Agree with Himanshu ,Android 2.2 for galaxy s can’t work unless you copy one guy in the internet (at own risks ).It is found in you-tube.Can’t recall the url.He claimed to download flash 10.1 APK into his samsung galaxy s,and it work.Been trying to follow his steps ,but still unsuccessfull.One has to read things like Sdk,Adb files etc.Quite time consuming.Am not sure my handset SGS I9000 is compartible ( or it is already inside to allow installation of flash 10.1 only to be activated somehow ) or we have to wait for samsung upgrade file in September.Any one has been successful to install his flash file in Samsung Galaxy s with upgrade to Android 2.2.Glad if you can share.Thanks.

tander_08 says:


I am glad it worked

you have to download flash player from market for it to work. I however not tested flash on 2.2 yet.

…according to shashank you have to download flash player from market..

TJ8 says:


I have tried many times to install flash 10.1 to Samsung Galaxy S I9000,however the message says “not supported by device.”Now,flash 10.1 no longer appears in Market except for Adobe Flash Showcase.Does it means that they are still improving on flash 10.1 to cater for SGS? See : guy seems to indicate that he can do it.Anybody has tried ?


carlos says:

Hi, i followed the tutorial and everything ran fine with no errors all the way to where it said PASS, however after reboot it shows the logo with the sound but then i get a black screen and the phone vibrates sometimes and the buttons are litup but that’s it it does not actually goes to the main screen. what can i do from here

carlos says:

this is what is happening:

I was attempting to port i9000xxjp3, and successfully flashed with odin3

but when i restarted it, it continuously restarted and finally shows me like this

Android system recovery

Samsung Recovery Utils
-For BML-

Enter: OK Key, Select : Vol UP / Vol Down
reboot system now
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
format internal sd-card

update media, please wait
E:Can’t mount /dev/block/stl10
(Invaild argument)
E:copy_dbdata_media:Can’t mount DBDATA:

your storage not prepared yet, please use UI me
nu for format and reboot actions..
copy default media content failed
screen looks like this and i tried to enter anything, but ok key doesn’t work

and i tried to go to download mode, but noting works(3 combo..etc)
i think this is because something is wrong with my ok key…

since i can’t use download mode, odin keep says file analysis…

all i can do is restart and looking this;;;

what should i do uhhuh;

harold says:

why my all disappeared after upgrading?

Shashank says:


In the recovery menu try wipe cache and wipe data and then start all over again, use the correct PIT file and check on Re-Partition…..BUT if your home button isn’t working then you have no option but to take it to the service center as this is the hardware fault.

carlos says:


I did the wipe and reset to factory and when it booted it came up just fine with froyo. 🙂 i can breath again. by any chances do you know where i can find a good tutorial to root and install busybox?

thank you Shashank

harold says:

my phone on contract ‘yes optus in australia. now upgrading 2.2 ,everything lost .Even i can’t access the internet. who can tell me what can i do now hix

Shashank says:

Root of xxjp3 firmware is a little complicated, though there is a pre-rooted xxjp3 ROM available but you have to flash again.

You have to manually enter APN information, go to Settings -> Wireless and network -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names (APN) -> set a new APN
Search Google for “Optus APN Settings”

Always backup your contacts while upgrading firmware. You can export to vCard or if you have rooted phone then use Titanium backup to backup system settings.

ohadrh says:

just wondering how long the process takes?

carlos says:


what is the benefit for changing the APN settings? I really dont know.

also I got my samsung i9000 and I have T-mobile but my phone does not support the 1700 band so im stuck with EDGE or 2G which prevents me from using my video calling funtionality. is there a workaround that you know of?

Shashank says:

it would take a couple of minutes.

If you have a working internet on your mobile then you don’t need to change the APN settings.

don’t have any idea about that but you can try fring on Android for Video calls over Wi-fi

harold says:

hello ,i’m new mem so i dunt know anything.why everybody root ss galaxy s ? for what ?
and after upgrading ,when i receive a message ,it does not vibrate anymore .i can’t understand why ?

Dan says:

Has anyone gotten this to work on a T-Mobile Vibrant? I get the same screen as @carlos above but cant seem to select any of the menu options (don’t have an OK button, none of the other buttons seem to work).


GstaGsta says:

works 100%
had to reset to factory settings first before succesfull upgrade with Odin

gstagsta says:

Language came after installing SIM.

Now I am succesfully running flash 10.1!!

Found the apk with google search

install was easy


TJ8 says:

Tks Gstagsta,
I just found mine too using internet browser to download.Type flash 10.1,apk and look for all device running froyo 2.2.That means Samsung Galaxy S is 100% froyo android 2.2 operational as of now,you help me to complete my update. Of course, d official flash that they say will come with official froyo upgrade in sept is yet to be seen.We’re unsure it is this same thing. If so,then no need to upgrade.Now it seems after few wipe cleans,resetting after upgrade my hp is stable,internet faster,wifi though i may use wifi fixer at times, it is stable.What usually disturb are some apps we dwlded.Oncemore,thank you to you and . I need not revert to original Enclair 2.1.(pls don’t do these unless you take yr own risk like i do.)

GstaGsta says:

To all who aree running Froyo
download link to a working flash 10.1 apk file is


PS the FROYO update is for developers, I guess. It has an app called DEV tools which has some funny tools.

I have also been browsing the system dir with ASTRO. It seems to be possible to change edit the file build.prop, which holds version and build info. Will try that later and show the result.

TJ8 says:

Hi guys who have migrated to Android 2.2,


My experience with wifi and internet browser (native)appears to be unstable due to lack of in-built flash ,I think.So,I use Adobe showcase after i installed flasher 10.1,apk to access internet.The results,it would not lag or stall -maybe because flash is in the background.Do you guys experience this too? It seems my native internet browser is rendered redundant more or less.Don’t think it was due to telco reception problem.

Another thing,do you guys ever visited

Rajesh Singh says:

Hi Shashank,

Thanks for the guidance, I was very easily able to install 2.2 on my phone.
Now the opnly concerns looks like
1. The system is not reading & reinstalling the market application backup taken by me on SD card by Rerware mybackup software.
2. How to search for the specific contact from the phone book. Search option missing new new upgrade.


Jay says:

after upgrading to Android froyo 2.2. My external SD card became write-protected. i can’t copy, paste or create new folder via computer. but i can copy in phone.
Do u know wat is goin on wit my phone?
i hope someone can resolve tis issue.


Rajesh Singh says:


Can anyone guide about how to get conected with Kites sync after 2.2. installation… My Kites software not recognising the phone…
Rajesh Singh

Azad says:

I upgrade My phone. However, now i can’t play my games it says that it requires additional free space in my sd card but i have 5.78 free space what i have to do to solve this problem.

kenton says:

i use Samsung Vibrant. i got the same screen as @carlos above, but i could not to select any of the menu options (don’t have an OK button, none of the other buttons seem to work).

Suggestions? please help!!!

chris says:

hi, please can you tell me how to update the phone in the future when the next update is…as i have fully installed the 2.2 version of yours with thanks.

TJ8 says:

My machine hanged after i replaced my bat.I suspect it’s because of some progm & apps conflict.I tried rebootg press upper vol+power +home chose reboot,failed 3 times,dead or unconscious.i resort to resurrect it by by wiping out data.procedure same& choose wipe out data,but you hv to reinstall apps,some of your data may report lost directory.Samsung has not designed auro save mechanism like my blackberry storm where things can still remain in card.Anyway,android is still being experimented &tested,we have to live with some dissapointments,part of android life.So moral of d story, that i learnt wipe clean whenever you sense that d phone is smooth or not functioning well.Sometimes,we have to fiddle through.(disclaimer.don’t do these unless you take your responsibility for any damage whatsoever.only sharing experience.tq)

TJ8 says:

Sorry.typo error,”auro” to read as “auto”; “…phone is smooth…” to read”…”phone is not smooth…”.tq

GstaGsta says:

I have Froyo, rooted + Flash 10.1 installed
Some errors occur:
1) SD card seems write protected (must not be difficult to solve: save files from SD on your PC, format SD, maybe reset rights using PC.
2) phone hangs often, mostly when “multitasking” (lots of apps open, switching between them)- memory issue ? maybe also because SD card write protected
3) can’t install busybox
4) have to reroot after battery change
everything else seems fine.
Let’s wait for the official Froyo release!

TJ8 says:

I concur with GstaGsta. Not sure those who stays with native android 2.1 Eclair has similar problem.There s later version after JP3,i may be trying it this weekend.Just went to samsung-firwares website just now.It is d 4th version.

GstaGsta says:

I have installed the newest version, Android 2.2 I9000XXJPC

Pass =


I had to wait about 5 minutes after Odin had finished, (in fact, I waited to short the first time and ran Odin again) and the I had newer, more stable and complete version then …JP3.

! The files have different filenames etc:
for PDA choose CODE_I9000XXJPC.tar.md5
for PHONE choose MODEM_I9000XXJPC.tar.md5
for CSC choose CSC_I9000OXAJPC.tar.md5

I also choose not to let Odin re-partition the second time I ran it.

I had to de- and re install some apps, because they did not work anymore, and had to re-install my internet acces point (so make sure to write these down before runnung the update!)

B.E. says:

Ok so I tried this for my epic on sprint and it completely failed my phone’s bricked now. followed the instructions to the letter. It won’t even boot up. any suggestions? Thanks

TJ8 says:

Tried last night but did not proceed coz of the file Code inside.Read elsewhere JPC is same as JP3.True? Congrats on your successful update!

GstaGsta says:

Have to correct myself: my previous version was JP2. My current now is JPC. It runs without errors sofar. Has more feats as JP2, looks pretty final to me! Have not rooted it jet. Flash 10.1 also works again, but that is the same I mentioned earlier

TJ8 says:

B.E,i don’t know what’s bricked.what i experienced if i cannot reboot, i would re-confirm with few more try,then if still fail try wipe clean an repeat update process.check ur update files in case corrupted or damaged.i did mine i hv to reload firmwares again.make sure your buttonsimilar to us press upper vol+power +home until yellow commands appear after pressg for 10 to 15 secs.wish you luck in resurectg urmachine.(just suggestn.own risk pls)

TJ8 says:

one more thing,in odin before repeatg upgrade process, press reset to clear d old failed files.

Edwin says:

I did this whole process, and after odin gave me the PASS, my phone is now stuck in recovery mode like Carlos (in the above posts). I can scroll thru the recovery menu, BUT my select button is dead 🙁 i cant push anything, and if i hold it long enough it reboots the phone back into recovery mode, but thats it. anyone know something that might help me? MUCH appreciated. thanks.

Tander_08 says:

To all who aree running Froyo
download link to a working flash
10.1 apk file is

… After we download the apk file what we do next?… Do we need some installer?…

GstaGsta says:

Open file with file browser like eg ASTRO and then install

TJ8 says:

List of those upgradg to JPC with success
2.TJ8 (11/9/10)(Asia)
Pls add in.Tks

Gil Lopez says:

Will this work for a Galaxy S locked to AT&T?

I believe they call it Captivate.

I am already at 2.1, rooted and unlocked to America Movil.

Timothy says:

Try wipe clean if system already installed it will remain,only thing we lost apps,and hv to reinstal.In your cade instead of choosg reboot,choose wife clean.yr phone must be disconnected frm pc.If this failed,it could be a)incomplete upgrade process (it is complete when “pass” appear” ; b) incorrect pressg of buttons to get to yellow command mode -you may hv to repeat process;damaged files.3) you press wrong button-correct proc,press home button after you scroll down using volume button (check whether ur equivlt buttons).I hv just chaged to JPC.

tander_08 says:

Open file with file browser like eg ASTRO and then install

… in phone or in desktop??

GstaGsta says:


Astro is an android app…

you must have flash apk file on sd card in your samsung galaxy S (not iPhone).

browse to the apk and then open file and install with app manager

it’s easy!

Vlada says:

Can’t use download mode… Phone works fine, I done one update via Samsung Kies and i saw that screen then,and everything went well,but it still was android 2.1. Now when I try to install this way,like you described here, android 2.2 I hold 3 buttons but it just start phone, without showing me download screen mode, and I can’t run update… What have I done wrong?

GstaGsta says:

try this
start up with 3 buttons pressed, then release power button after a sec or so when power comes on…
Keeping power pressed all the time does also not work for me.
Good luck!

Timothy says:

@Gil Lopez
i can’t tell,but i believe there are same family with same engine but dressing different,may be if you can find equiv.buttons it may work-possibility there,i hv to research tht part is like a self -taught,not an expert,but thro trials and error, i managed.Bottomline risky,and one has to take experience,though.

Hold vol dwn + power + home = download.try. B4 that dwload all filed.Click odin then follow instructions on update.

Romaniacs says:

Is this the official Samsung update ?! Because is have guarantie on the phone ! Please answear as fast as you can !

GstaGsta says:

@ Romaniacs

if it was official, it would be on the samsung website…. so – NO!

this is a pre-release, but it works

don’t worry about garantee – i did not also!


noname says:

How can a i get 2.1 back? This beta version is sucks..Wi-fi problems and lag shit beta..

TJ8 says:

My experience, for wifi, try wifi fixer dwnload thro Market.If it still a problem, try factory reset go to privacy,if it still negative,try wipe out (appln need to be reinstalled.b4 that save ur data,save sms using sms backup &restore (get it thro market & reinstall after wipeout).if that fails,try redo ur upgrade after wipe out).only then,consider revertg to 2.1.i hv not tried that(since upgrdg,stickg to JPC),may b you can find answers in samsung-firmwares website.There may b someone hvg same experience who dwngrade sharing info.(just not do if you are not sure).

Zafar says:

Please help me with the CSC, i do not find the file GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJP2.tar when i downloaded it….

TJ8 says:

Zafar,recheck content of file,you may hv to redo process by redwldg could be shd unzip & put all files in one folder.try gettg file from read d literature first.once you’re confidence proceed otherwise you need technical aid close to you.

Luv Jaiswal says:

Dear Shashank, I want to know that if I upgrade my Galaxy S I9000 to 2.2 , will it make my phone slower? And please tell me the advantages of 2.2 over 2.1.

Thanking You, Luv Jaiswal. 🙂

Luv Jaiswal says:

I want to know that if I upgrade my Galaxy S I9000 to 2.2 , will it make my phone slower? And please tell me the advantages of 2.2 over 2.1.

Thanking You, Luv Jaiswal.

Luv Jaiswal says:

After upgrading to 2.2 , why do we need to root it? What does the word “Root” mean? Please help !
Thank You.

Luv Jaiswal says:

Someone, Please Reply. PLEASE. I urgently require a professionals help.

Shashank says:

official 2.2 Froyo for Galaxy S should become available very soon, so i suggest you to stick at 2.1 for now.

For root, refer to this

if you wantto use any of the apps given there you will have to root your Galaxy S.

miblon says:

Thank you so much! You really saved my day. My galaxy s was totally screwed after accidently wiping /system dir. Strugled for hours but your instruction finally simply worked!

I love you!

Abdel says:

Followed exact steps. at one point my PC message says devider failed.i looked at Odin3 and it had blue colour still i panicked. but did not do anything few minutes later it worked(so it does take few minutes). my phone came back to life in a new 2.2 version. excelent version and fast too. many thanks

del says:


i did it perfectly..!thanks for perfect explanation and props that you’ve shown… just followed the process and boommmm… hope in the near future u will still be the man…. cheers

Sunny says:


Can you please let me know that is the Anroid 2.2 is really out or we are using the application illegally as I am not able to see the mention of Froyo on Samsung website.

nyc says:

hello, i need help.. my odin get stucked on the “file analysis” process.. what should i do?? thanks!

Neil Villarosa says:

are this steps ok with the galaxy 5 or galaxy i5530? thanks,.

marc-andre says:

Hi, i updraded to froyo 2.2 and work fime. I try do install the and doesnt work when i try to load the menu. so right after the samsung boot normaly but nom i cant acces to my hpsa connection from bell. but i can do some call no problem. so my connection doesnt work. some know whats going on ?

Bryan kirley says:

I wondet if can use downloads for android 2.2 into my galaxy s, at moment have android 2.1 upgrade with virgin mobile network under contact still locked?
Thanks bryan

Richard says:

Hi..PLEASE help me..after I upgrade my galaxi s to 2.2 I have a blank screen n have to wait more then 15 mnt..what should i do..???

yousif says:

Is there an arabic language in this upgrade or its not yet ? please anyone could tell me ?

Juls says:

I rooted me phone (Vibrant) already. Do i have to re-root after the update? i’m kind of a noob at this so any advice is welcome

Juls says:

Also, I’m on a Mac and I can’t use .exe files so is it still possible for me to upgrade to 2.2 or do I have to wait for Samsung to release the update?

Chris says:

Is the greek language/keyboard supported by I9000XXJP2???

Please respond.


Interested in Galaxy S says:

Dear Shashank,

We hav Galaxy S in Bangladesh but running Android 2.1. Waiting for Android 2.2 to come then I’ll buy the set. But can you confirm that will your mentioned files can help to upgrade the OS in Bangladesh right now???

Your prompt response will help me a lot

Thanks 🙂

Tahir Masud says:

I tried but it failed with the following messege.
can’t open the serial(COM) port. Pl help

fred says:

The password for extracting is not working. Is there another one. Please help.

jyashi says:

Hey i tried the same steps that you mentioned and also got to the stage where the software is installed. But now my samsung galaxy s wont start. I tried pressing the power buttton and also the home button but the mobile doesnt turn on. The battery is correctly inserted please help.

jyashi says:


Regarding my previous message everything is fine now turns out i had made a fault during the installation process. Thank you.

jyashi says:

guys after i updated my samsung galaxy s to froyo 2.2 my swype keyboard is not working and the google voice search application is gone. i reinstalled voice search and it keeps crashing now. how can i fix this?

someone says:

need help also, mine got stuck at file analysis…for many hours!!even though I followed every instructions…

unknown123 says:

need help also, mine got stuck at file analysis…for many hours!!even though I followed every instructions…I tried to upgrade firmware via Samsung Kies, but it won’t connect although my comp detected it…


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