Revamp Windows 7 Bootloader Easily with EasyBCD

16 July 2010 By Sourojit

Setting up and managing a dual boot is tedious sometimes if done manually. Sometimes there may be problems handling the bootloader which consists of the startup information and location of the operating system that are listed in the boot menu. These entries may get corrupted accidentally while installing other operating systems. All troubles related to boot loader can be solved by EasyBCD.

EasyBCD is a windows freeware application that can modify and extends the functionality and gives users total control of things that happens during and at time of windows start up. With it entries to Windows7, Vista, older versions of Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, BSD and Mac OS X can be added to the bootloader easily with a few clicks.

Some of the important features of EasyBCD are:

  • Boot from USB, Network, Virtual hard disks, ISO images and WinPE.
  • Create bootable USB, change boot drive letter and repair windows bootloader.
  • Alter bootscreen time, change entry names , set default operating system or hide menu.
  • Hide drives on boot, creating custom boot sequence and taking backup or restoring configurations.

EasyBCD is an easy to use application but I will always recommend users to have proper knowledge of the actions they are going to perform as any wrong step may lead to serious damage.

Download: EasyBCD

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Samuel says:

Não dá pra baixar!

Clico em EasyBCD mas direciona para outra página.
Ta muito confuso.

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