Final Chance To Grab Your Google Nexus One

18 July 2010 By Ashish Mundhra


Google confirmed to media that they have just received their final shipment of Nexus One, and will discontinue selling them once the stock in hand runs out. Nexus One, manufactured by HTC, was  Google’s first mobile phone, and the very first phone to run Google’s mobile operating system Android 2.2 . So if you want incised and unlocked Nexus One directly from Google, its time to hurry.

Although Google confirmed that they will be closing down the Nexus One online store, it will still be available for purchase through Google’s partners KT in South Korea and  Vodafone in Europe.

Google also added that customers who have already purchased Google Nexus One will still have their full customer support. Google will also make Nexus One  available to registered Android developers via a special store so that they have access to the latest Android OS.

We still have no figures as to how many Nexus One actually arrived in their last shipment so lets hope for the best.

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