DroidSeries: Browse and Keep Track of your Favorite TV Series/Shows

22 July 2010 By Sourojit

Many among us love to watch various TV series, but keeping track of all their updates and released episodes is really a difficult job. If you are an Android user this situation can be managed like a breeze with DroidSeries.

DroidSeries is a free application developed by Xda-Developer member. With this application you can browse through all your favorite TV Series or shows and get updates on the newly released episodes and also the episodes which you have finished watching. DroidSeries is really helpful as it makes our work easier specially when we have many series at hand and it is hard to remember our last watched episode and search for new updates if done manually. You can search the TV database and add new series on your watch.

This application is still in it’s early stage, so it is expected to have some minor bugs.

Some Features of DroidSeries are:

  • Search/Add Series to track – Use the built in Android search feature to search for Series to add
    • Browse throe a Serie viewing details on each season
    • Mark episodes as seen/unseen- It’s possible to mark a entire season as seen
      • View the Series Details
      • View the Series Poster
      • View the episode’s details
      • Update a Series

        Download: DroidSeries

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