R-Updater: Scan and Download Multiple Software Updates at One Click

29 July 2010 By Sourojit

We install various applications almost every day to perform some tasks. These applications gets updates from developer sites frequently but we may miss them due to lack of time. Though many applications provide option “Automatically check for update” this feature is generally turned off by most of the users, as it pops up anytime and consumes bandwidth which is an area of concern for users with slow speed net connection.  As a result of these situations we may be left with old versions of applications on our computer. R-Updater is a handy tool that can help you in keeping installed softwares up to date with the latest available version.

R-Updater is a freeware application that can automatically scan and retrieve installed software information from windows. It then searches for updates available for the listed software. Searched updates are categorized into three categories i.e Catalog Versions, User Versions and beta versions.

For portable applications that do not show up in installed software list, you can add them manually. R-Updater can be pre scheduled to search for updates at specific time and custom notifications. Double clicking on the application launches a website with direct link to the download. You can also update multiple software at once to get the updates.

Download: R-Updater

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