App Inventor: Build Android Applications Without any Programming Knowledge

16 July 2010 By Sourojit

With growing popularity of Android the need for Android applications is also growing rapidly. There are times when you might feel that the applications provided in Android Application Store are just not sufficient to meet your needs. To overcome situations like this Google Labs is set with their new tool to help you build your own applications including games, applications and many more.

With App Inventor you do not need any programming knowledge to built simple applications and games. It provides visual drop down menu items that are easy to understand by every one. In place of coding particular areas predefined blocks can be used to perform tasks easily. Applications built by this tool are not only simple but are also powerful as they utilizes the phone functionality very well.

To gain access to this application you just have to register for it  here. To view sample Android applications created  by this tool and learn more about the project visit App Inventor official Webpage.

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