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20 July 2010 By Sourojit

Downloading and sharing multimedia files likes Games, Movies, Music etc. is a common thing that we do every day. For this purpose some of the well known file hosting services that we use are Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, Depositfile. But they only provide uninterrupted service to premium users and free users have restrictions like waiting time, filling captchas authentication etc. Waiting for your downloads to start is a boring thing, MDownloader helps you to bypass these situations.

MDownloader is a windows freeware Open Source application that can take file links from many well known file servers, check them and start download automatically without you waiting for the download link to generate. You can queue many files in MDownloader and those will be downloaded one after the other.

One of the features of MDownloader is that it can also bypass captchas authentication by filling them itself. For this purpose I have tested it with and it worked fine. Basically MDownloader does not break any rules provided by file servers, it only does those things for you. Hence it is a very useful application for users who use these services regularly.

Some of the features of MDownloader are:

  • Page parsing for detecting supported links & matching interchangeable links (by name and size).
  • Resuming downloads
  • Password detection
  • Captchas recognition (sometimes manual recognition is required).
  • Download via proxy mode and Direct download (with authentication or without).
  • Download acceleration feature using interchangeable links or proxy servers.
  • Multiupload feature – upload a file to multiple providers at once.

File Servers currently supported by MDOwnloader are:

  • (aggregate)
  • (aggregate)

Download: MDownloder

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I used this software. It doesn’t work every time.

LAN says:

I see wide selection of file servers, do they work perfect with program?

Celebrities says:

I suggest you to

It allows user to activate his own premium membership on Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Megaupload And Hotfile

And its also free

sunil says:

useless software

laxman says:

nothing work with it

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