Apple releases Bluetooth Magic Trackpad and Battery Charger

27 July 2010 By Ankit Duseja


Apple just released a new multi-touch capable wireless trackpad, named as Magic Trackpad. It sports same features as those found on Magic Mouse multi touch surface or on the Macbook’s touchpad and is available at the U.S. stores at a price of $69 USD, however it is expected to be available on Indian stores by September 2010.

Magic Trackpad is covered with a wear-resistant glass surface and features the same sculpted aluminum design as the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Click, Scroll, Swipe, Rotate are some of the basic functions that can be performed on this giant trackpad. Its large size makes it more comfortable to replace the mouse experience for serious computing. The trackpad is powered by batteries and offers Bluetooth connectivity, maintaining.

rechargeable_20100727 Another announcement made today is the Apple’s own battery charger which can be bought separately. The charger is capable of saving power when the batteries have been charged fully and comes with a pack of six batteries.

Its interesting to see that Apple already having a multi-touch capable Magic Mouse for their desktop line-ups which was released few days ago are now offering yet another input option for their consumers and that too at the same price. Do comment what would you opt for – Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad?

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