HAWX2_Screen06Ubisoft recently  announced that  H.A.W.X. 2, the upcoming aerial warfare game and the sequel of Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X arcade-style flight simulator, will now support multi-player mode. As  stated by Eurogamer, the sequel will allow full-on four-player co-op capabilities in four different game modes.

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Google Earth, the 3D map application from Google enables a user to view things like cities, monuments and houses looking perpendicularly down or at an oblique angle, in simple words a 3D view. Now with the latest version, users will now be able to monitor real-time rain and snow fall in certain parts of the world.

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Previously this week we shared with you some cool YouTube tricks such as playing classical Snake game while watching YouTube videos and giving all your uploaded videos a 3D effect. Now we have some good news for all the YouTube users! YouTube has now  increased its video upload limit from 10 minutes to 15 minutes for non-partners.

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Recently FaceBook introduced a new feature for their users called “FaceBook Questions”. This service is similar to Answers.com, Mahalo and Yahoo Answers. Currently it is available to only 1% of FaceBook users who are testing the feature in beta phase. We are still uncertain when the feature will be available to all the users.

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According to a Chinese site named cnBeta (Google Translate), they have managed to get their hands on Internet Explorer 9 beta via an inside link in Microsoft. Continue Reading →

PayPal has recently posted this news on their blog, that they will discontinue their electronic withdrawal service in India because of some changes in Indian government’s regulatory instructions. This is not the first time that PayPal has discontinued its work in India due to government regulations. We have witnessed a similar story back in February 2010. Continue Reading →


Around 3 weeks back, we reported about the launch of Nvidia GeForce GTX460 graphics card, which is a DX11 compatible mid-range graphics card built on the new GF104 core, it has got some very nice reviews. Now Asus has launched their version of GTX460 card in India, Asus ENGTX460. The card is well suited for hot Indian environment, and comes with a copper heat sink. Moreover, it also sports features like DirectCU thermal design and Voltage Tweak overvolting. Continue Reading →


It may not look like a big news to most of you, but those having interest in robotics will definitely appreciate it. A four legged robot named Ranger recently covered 14,3 miles (23 kms) in 10 hours, 40 minutes, and 48 seconds (speed: approx 2km/hr), while breaking the previous record of 12.8 miles by Big Dog. Continue Reading →

Free India Offline mapss- android

So you have got a GPS enabled Android mobile and want to use it for navigation in India but the data transfer costs associated with real time map download using Edge, 3G is not letting you enjoy what could’ve been a pleasant experience. Instead of shelling out big bucks for navigation programs you can use the free Brut Maps which is a mod of Google Maps that allows you to use the GPS to pin point your current location on Google Maps and the pointer will move along with you towards your destination.

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We install various applications almost every day to perform some tasks. These applications gets updates from developer sites frequently but we may miss them due to lack of time. Though many applications provide option “Automatically check for update” this feature is generally turned off by most of the users, as it pops up anytime and consumes bandwidth which is an area of concern for users with slow speed net connection.  As a result of these situations we may be left with old versions of applications on our computer. R-Updater is a handy tool that can help you in keeping installed softwares up to date with the latest available version. Continue Reading →

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