Team Fortress 2 For Mac

11 June 2010 By Shashank

team fortress 2 for mac

The insanely popular class based action multiplayer game Team Fortress 2 is now available for download via Steam for Mac along with other games, as an introductory offer you will get a cool 50% off  if you order the game before 13th June. It can be played on both PC and Mac with a single Steam ID.

You can also play the game by downloading it for free upto June 13th. In another update, all TF2 players logging into Steam before 14th June will get the Appleish in-game earbuds as shown in the video below.

Download Team Fortress 2 for Mac at Steam for $9.99 (Regular price is $19.99), In India it is available for Rs 650 ($13) as a part of Orange Box which includes 4 more games.

Major Update:

Team Fortress 2 is now free to download and play.

Download Team Fortress 2 for Mac from steam store. Enjoy!

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TF2 rocks says:

I love TF2 its an ultimate game, btw players have gone mad for the ear buds… they are loging from their friends mac just to get the earbuds.

TF2 India Server says:

Hey guys join the TF2 India server with low pings.. Less than 100



andy says:

TF2 is my favorite pc game, i can’t stop playing it, it is so addictive.

tf2 mac user says:

I love team fortress 2, i am playing it on my macbook pro 15inch, its pure awesomeness.

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