Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta Provides 64 Bit Support [Download]

30 June 2010 By Varun

Mozilla has recently released the beta version of Firefox 4.0. However, this beta is for developers only, as Mozilla is giving lot of warnings about its instability. This latest beta of Firefox has got improved UI, along with Google Chrome-like tabs in Windows version. It has also been reported that Firefox 4.0 beta is faster than Firefox 3.6.

If you want to give it a shot than go for any one of these “.dmg” files from the link given below. However, it is advised to stay away unless it becomes a public beta and if do want to install refrain from installing it on a work computer.

Download Firefox 4.0 beta for Windows, Mac and Linux

Download Firefox 4.0 beta files.

This Firefox 4.0 release is codenamed as “Minefield”.

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Alan K. says:

The download link is not for the betas. It’s for the nightlies. The betas for 64-bit haven’t been available yet. I don’t imagine they will until the RTM.

varun says:

Yes Alan the link is for nightly, and that’s why i said that this is for developers only. However, i forgot to mention nightly in download link and i apologize for that.

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