Microsoft Kinect Official Price: $149.99

22 June 2010 By Shashank

Xbox 360 Kinect price

Though we haven’t heard anything about Kinect Price from Microsoft at the E3, but just now Kinect has popped up at the Microsoft Store for pre-ordering at a price of $149.99.

Titled as Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360,  it is by far the most advanced gaming device that doesn’t require you to use the controllers, instead you act as a controller. It has full body tracking which allows it to perform actions via virtual characters based on your body movements.

Now as the price is revealed, would you be getting it? or would you be settling for a  much cheaper Move.

Microsoft Kinect Price in India

Taking hint from the Xbox 360 Arcade price (US price $199, India price Rs 16,999 MRP) Kinect will be priced at somewhere around Rs 12,728 MRP with bundled game.

Note: The Kinect price above is expected and shouldn’t be taken as a final price, official pricing for Kinect in India hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Kinect Release Date in India

Not Available yet.

New XBox Arcade

In another news Microsoft is also planning for a new version of $199 Xbox 360 Arcade that will replace the current Xbox 360 Arcade models and might also offer some kind of bundle deal with Kinect Sensor. So If you are in the market for new Xbox, this might not be the right time to buy an Xbox unless you are going for the new Xbox 360.

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Fresno Financial Advisor says:

High price for just an add-on. Not even a console. Will definitely not consider getting one.

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