iPhone 4 Coming to India via Vodafone

9 June 2010 By Shashank


Vodafone has revealed its plans to bring the latest Apple iPhone 4 to India, in a announcement made yesterday, Vodafone confirmed the fact that Apple iPhone 4 will see the biggest international rollout ever, however not much details were available about the exact release date, however it was easy to guess when they said “iPhone 4 will launch in India in the coming months”.

iphone 4 india

Apple iPhone 4 India Price

iPhone 4 16 GB expected price is Rs 35,000

U.S price for 16 GB Model without contract is $599

iPhone 4 32 GB expected price is Rs 41,000

U.S price for 32 GB Model without contract is $699

Note: India iPhone 4 price displayed above are not confirmed prices, however the actual price will be very near to it.

Apple iPhone 4 Release Date in India

September, 2010 when iPhone 4 will simultaneously launch in 88 other countries including India.

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Apple 24 comments


I hope it will not be a flop show for vodafone and iPhone 4 as it turn out to be case with Airtel & iPhone 3G, though indian customer is aware of iPhone 4 still they trust Nokia, that what nokia has done with its local touch ads. How deep iphone 4 can penetrate is a million dollar question but since vodafone is a multinational player, it will launch it to many countries simultaneously so probably the impact would be less on them.

sahith says:

friends,, we do not get this thing (iPhone 4) unless we do not push our network provider to the edges of the mountain… so join the iphone india army now… lets bring our iphone 4 ASAP.,,

Just do this… ” people whoever reading this message… call your vodafone customer care insist them about iphone 4″…

if we do that then they definitely knows how is the fever is going on in INDIA.

Bond says:

we don’t need to push/beg vodafone for iPhone…I agree with 1st point….. Buying a Nokia phone is far better in indian segment than pushing vodafone..let them release when they want to release who cares….???

Mann says:

is there any way you can buy the iphone4 without vodafone/airtel plans, if so how much would it cost in India for 32GB and is the exact release date in India

somnath pawart says:

I think price of iphone4 for middle hjgh class indian people is very high.Its all right in US,Uk and other developed country w.r.t their earning. While outsourcing you pay as per indian average salary.To purchase a single Iphone4 he has to spend two to three months salary.For US or UK it`s a mere six to ten days salary.

ani30 says:

well the 3gs came unlocked in india too via airtel but you had to specifically insure that you want the unlocked one i am sure theyll do that with the iphone4 too. Although the prices would be a bit high then.

Jimmy says:

Buy iphöne 4 factory unlocked UK version at just
16GB Rs.48,750
32GB Rs.56,250

full payment b4 pick up frm us/delivery

mail me ur requirement aftr careful thot along with ur full contact details at —removed by admin—

thomas says:

hi Mann iPhone4 is available in Delhi if u want more details email me thomas.byju911@yahoo.com…….

Hey kimmy and thomas , whats the use if we get them , micro sim’s are not available in india…i agree with first post , nokia is much better than apple, more features and with N8 and N9 to hit soon , Iphone is dead….. 🙂

balaji says:

i phone is very cool but the price kills me……….!

sam says:

Can’t Apple Minimize iphone4 prices in India.They are Too costly for Middle Class People To afford.

Jimmy says:

@widescreen wallpapers!

Yeah u r rite but u can slightly cut the plastic area of the sim and can use it.thats simple and all the indian follow it as their is no telecom operator who provides micro sim in india

shaikh fahad says:

hi jimmy how r u remember me , i m the one whose 24ooo for iphone 3gs is deposited in ur a/c n u scammed me for ur interest n fun ur not a student of iipm.people plzzz dont deposit money in jimy a/c he is fraud he scammed me.

Romeo says:

Hello there,,,,,

Apple 4 will be available in india at the end of this year or stating of the next year, as we are 3rd world country they will be launching late here.

The price for Apple phones are expensive….. People above posting about nokia and other products cannot be compared to Apple. As apple is no.1 phone people/other companies creat roumors. We cannot compare maruthi car to ferrai same as it is in phones.

People who dont have patients for the release in INDIA let them buy from USA or OTHER COUNTRIES.

iVolls says:

friends! romeo is right, you can’t compare a Maruti car with Ferrari. if you are a genius think how big deference is there between iPhone and Nokia like gold and copper. you can wear a copper chain in to your neck but…..feel cheap.so don’t compare things like this way just be happy with whatever you’ve got. but best will be the best always.even you cry or shout forever the iPhone will remain No-1 in the world of Mobile phones.

svsubramanyam says:

i think that the price of i phone 4 is to high than expected

ash says:

If iphone 4 is available for 2 yr contract in US for a low price
why the hell that it is available for such a huge price with a lifetime contract with Airtel or Vodafone

May be ipod touch is the best way to enjoy the apple apps in india since it can be bought from US with a lower price than india and without any contract

Manohar Utting says:

Other than the fact that this is an Apple product, the biggest draw for me to buy this phone was the touch-sensitive display and the 3 MP camera with video recording, which is awesome.
I bought this phone from mnvcollections.com the one site which I found better to purchase from as compared to other online ecommerce sites. And it is totally worth the money. Coming to iPhone, the tap and touch use is the best I have ever used in any phone and is a total breeze to use.

Schn says:

1 shld be patient…if we buy iphon4 from outside india..than its benificial for apple as they dnt hv 2 wry 4 its after sales service…as no one here is goin 2 hear….if smthng wrng hppn….so during the day we are happy bt at the end apple s hvn a better sleep….so buy it ffcially o.w dnt buy it….

saaheb says:

expected date of Iphone 4 release in india is around 15 th of march 2011 or something i am not so sure bcaz apple have to make some changes in there devicec to fit to indian standerd(unlocking) because indias network service providers are provide low frequency then western countries.

Kumar says:

Hey Schn, We can buy apple products outside india too, provided it comes with an international warranty. Nothing wrong to go with. If the product comes with international warranty, you can contact any official service centre around the world.

gafoor moosa says:

any bady whant iphone4 16 gb 32gb in india plss contact me f480_666@yahoo.com

prateek says:

F*CK U iPhone 4 and F*CK U APPLE!!!!!! F*CK U

I have MY “Sony Erricson Xperia ARC”.F**K U iPhone

riyaz says:

i need an i phone 32 gb black in colour whats ur price

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