Amazon Kindle 3G Price Drop: Now for $189

23 June 2010 By Varun


iPad has been in the news for the past sometime now, as most of the people looking for an e-book reader preferred iPad. But still there are some who like this specialist e-book reader with hard keys rather than touch.

Lately, Barnes & Noble dropped the prices of Nook from $299 to $199. Hence, Amazon has also slashed the price of Kindle’s 6 inch model from $259 to $189, with 9.7 inch model remaining at $489. However, it is expected that it will see a price cut as well.

If you are someone who simply wants an e-book reader and nothing else, then go for Kindle Wireless Reading Device(6 inch) for $189, rather than costlier iPad. If you liked the deal then order one here.

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vaibhav says:

have u guys heard about Poken? Its a cool little gadget to connect with anyone you meet in real life. I recently bought one from . Really cool gadget. Hope to see a post on Poken in your blog.

Kindle displays its contents via electronic-paper display, a new technology that creates a paper-like display for electronic text that is also used in Sony’s Reader product.

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